Gloria Jean’s Coffee – Mount Barker, SA

Shop T1, Barker Plaza, Morphett Street, Mount Barker SA, 5251

Now I know that already, many of you coffee purist are thinking, “This guy obviously has no idea about coffee if the first thing he reviews is GJs” – but please hear me out.  My introduction to coffee; to real coffee; coffee that is other than NesCafé Blend 43 came through the Gloria Jean’s at Kingsways in Glen Waverley, Victoria.  If it wasn’t for the care and dedication of my ministry colleagues, and the skill of the resident Barista ‘Calvin’ (both is the making and in the presentation) – I would not be the coffee connoisseur that types away sipping on his Café Latte before you.  And also, they are my current local coffee shop and have been very supportive of a few ministry innovations we have been experimenting with.

To be honest, in the 6 months that this store has been open, and having been there at least three times each week, I have NEVER had a bad coffee.  In lots of GJ’s stores around the country, the quality of the coffee ranges with the skills of the barista – but at this store, all the baristas are of equal skill.  The staff are friendly – to the point of remembering the names of regular clients and their favourite beverages, the store is clean, parking is good – there is music, but you can still bury your head in a book for an hour and study.  So to my review: (see method above for review information)

Latte Quality – Excellent – about 10 seconds for the sugar to seep through the foam

Cost – average to high – a regular Café Latte will set you back $3.75

Coffee Supplier – Gloria Jean’s have their own brand.

Fair Trade – No although some variants have the ‘Rainforest Alliance’ tag on them.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – not really – tables are a bit close together
  • Deep and Meaningful – Yes – a few couches, music is at good volumes
  • Study and Reflection – Yes – although there is NO internet access, but I use it regularly for sermon pre-reading.

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