Lars “Great Food & Wine” – Hyde Park, SA

116a King William Road, Hyde Park SA 5061

This is regular breakfast venue for a colleague and I, and for one of the best tasting and reasonably priced cooked breakfasts in Adelaide, you really can’t go past Lars.  But that is not the purpose of this Blog, now is it?  Perhaps that could be a ‘Boston Legal’ type spin-off??

Latte Quality – Good – there wasn’t any foam to speak of – which is a pity, as I recall my first latte here was “Lattastic”

Cost – really good – $3 for a regular sized coffee (across the board) – and as the new sign said, $2 regular sized coffees on Monday & Tuesday

Coffee SupplierDiamond Coffee

Fair Trade – Yes

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Yes – the tables are small, and there is enough ambient noise to allow for privacy.
  • Deep and Meaningful – A possibility – depends on your ability to maintain attention and focus.  There are flat screen TVs inside, music in the background and the traffic of King William Road can all be distracting.
  • Study and Reflection – Not really that sort of venue.  Is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but not really the place to spread out your books, laptop and do some serious study.

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