The Organic Market and Café – Stirling, SA

5 Druids Avenue, Stirling, SA, 5251

A very comfortable, very trendy little Cafe – attached to an Organic Market (hence the name) nestled in a side street, off the main tree lined street of the picturesque Stirling.  Parking is a problem, but that is typical of Stirling at all times of the year. A good thing to do is park up near the steam engine playground, and enjoy the short walk to the Café.

Latte Quality – Excellent – only a thin foam but with a 25 second descent rate. Really nice flavour.

Cost – High – at least to begin with – $4.00 – but when the cup (read – bucket) comes to your table, the four bucks seems to be a bargain.

Coffee Supplier – According to the small label on the Coffee machine, the beans used were Vittoria.

Fair Trade – No – however, RIO Fair Trade Beans (and other brands of Fair Trade Tea and Coffee) can be purchased in the Market area.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – No – a very busy place, with people coming and going regularly.
  • Deep and Meaningful – probably a good place for it – enough background noise to allow for safety in conversation topic, but quiet enough so you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.
  • Study and Reflection – being a really busy place, and with there sometimes being a wait on tables – it is probably not the best place for that.

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  1. Mark Stevens

    They do have FT – It is what we had! You get a choice, there were two grinders.

  2. I know there were two Grinders – but both had Vittoria on them – and to the best of my knowledge, Vittoria do not do a Fair Trade alternative.

    While you were ‘using the facilities’ I was trying to find out about their coffee, without asking questions (there is no point promoting a product if you have to ask for it) – so if they do serve Fair Trade (which I assumed they would, considering….) they need to either have it up somewhere in store, or include it in their material or on their web site.

    SO when are you going to post a review??

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