Whose latte next?

I am under no delusions of grandeur.

I know that this blog does not have a readership in the thousands (thanks to my reader – you know who you are).

Nevertheless – assuming that this blog is occasionally read by others, can YOU, the reader, suggest where I should be buying my next latte?

Where can I find the BEST latte in South Australia?  Just because I am on the south-coast, do not let that stop you suggesting – no place is too far to go for a GOOD coffee.

Whose latte should be next?


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  1. In 6 days not a single suggestion – where had my reader gone?

  2. ok Sae, here are a couple of suggestions for you … Komodo (Prospect), My Cafe (Mt Barker), Giovanni’s (Mt Barker). That’s 3 that I can think of atm 🙂

  3. Thanks Rose – question though – where would I find ‘My Cafe’ in Mt Barker? Or was that a joke, and you meant your parent’s kitchen?

    I have been to Giovanni’s and was not that taken by their coffee – although it was the only place open for coffee on Easter Sunday morning one year after I had preached at the Resurrection Sunday community service on the Hill….

    Komodo – I had never heard of, my just ‘Googled’ it and it looks great. Not in my neck of the woods – so it may take a while. Stay tuned.

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