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The Whistle Stop Cafe Restaurant & Antiques‎ – Goolwa, SA

7 Hay Street, Goolwa, SA, 5214

Being literally two minutes walk from where I spend my days, I have often drifted past this cafe, read the sign, and thought of that horrible movie that I was made to watch in English class at high school.*  So finally, this week, I managed to get over there and check it out.  The place has a really nice vibe about it – while not being large for a restaurant, the aesthetic quality of the interior is comfortable, while not being ‘try-hard.’  It has a full menu restaurant service – but I can not comment on this, as to date all I have sampled is the coffee.  So, to the review:

Latte Quality – Good – I think I was the first coffee of the day, so that may have altered the taste – bud not bad.

Cost – $3.50 – so about average

Coffee Supplier – South Australia’s own Coffeeworld

Fair Trade – No indication in store, nor on the coffee world website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Yes – seating both inside and out – but I would avoid meal times, as the number of cars/people increases dramatically.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – particularly if you are there first thing in the morning – around 10am is good.
  • Study and Reflection – also Yes – if you go there when it opens, and order a coffee – it would be a great place to read a book for a couple of hours.

* – Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

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