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aquacaf – Goolwa, SA

Barrage Road, Goolwa, SA, 5214

Having made previous declarations about finding the ‘best coffee’ in ______ and then returning to find that with a different barrista that the coffee is somewhat ordinary, I decided at a ‘Let’s Catch Up for a Coffee’ team meeting, that the next time I find ‘the best coffee in _____’ that I will test my findings twice before posting.  So what follows is the result of two different visits and two different barristas.

I have finally found the best coffee in Goolwa – hands down, without a doubt – stop the presses (paper, garlic, flower, wine or otherwise) you can stop your searching.  Even before moving down here I had heard about the aquacaf, so I was keen to try it – but after several attempts to sample their wares and always finding the place closed, I moved on to other places.  However recently, needing a place for a coffee and a chat type meeting, I decided to give them another go and ‘hazar!’ they were open, and ‘hazar’ the coffee was fantastic.  On my first visit I always went halves with my co-meeter in a custard, caramel noodle thing which was just to die for!  Located on the Goolwa Channel, with views back towards the bridge, and over towards the barrages – it is another fine example of Goolwa’s unrivaled cafe views.  With both indoor and outdoor seating, it is a great place for lunch and a coffee – as long as you are hungry and/or thirty on Thursday through Monday.  Also, be aware that they have a $20 minimum spend if you want to use a card of any sort (kind of annoying when you only want 2 coffees).

Latte QualityLattastic! – sampled twice to make sure – and both times it was near perfect!

Cost – $4.00 – for a large latte in a mug.

Coffee SupplierMahalia Coffee

Fair Trade – No at the aquacaf – at least there were no signs to indicate such – but Mahalia do do a few Fair Trade coffee blends.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – definitely – plenty of seating indoors and out
  • Deep and Meaningful – Yes – as above – inside is noisy enough to cover any confidentialities, but not too noise that you need to shout.
  • Study and Reflection – Yes – I would be tempted to do so on a sermon preparation reading Monday…

Jamaica Blue – Noarlunga Centre, SA

Centro Colonnades, Noarlunga Centre, SA, 5168

I ended up here for a coffee last Saturday, when I was meant to be in a workshop session during a conference I was attending nearby and was pleasantly surprised.  In the middle of a pretty typical Australian shopping centre, in a larger than average kiosk type cafe, we discovered jamaicablue – and what’s more, their coffee is Fairtrade!!  Unfortunately there are only two other jamaicablues’ in SA – one in Port Pirie, and the other at West Lakes – but if you are in the vicinity, drop in and try!  They also sell coffee beans!

Latte Quality – Excellent – mine had a really nice colour, a proper amount of foam – and was really nice to drink.  I noticed some of the others were different (one had a few cms of foam) – but no one complained.

Cost – $4.20 – for a large latte – which was about 500mls

Coffee Supplier – Jamaica Blue

Fair Trade – Yes!  The logos were on more than half of their bagged coffee, and the coffee we drank was also Fairtrade.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – possibly – it is in the centre, kiosk style, of a large shopping centre – so for a casual chat most definitely.
  • Deep and Meaningful – Maybe…
  • Study and Reflection – No…the area is just too busy.

Cafe Palazzo, Norwood, SA

89a The Parade, Norwood, SA, 5067

I made the trek up to the ‘big smoke’ recently for a few days of conventioning, and happened to catch up with a large number of colleague at this Cafe on the Parade.  Plenty of space inside with the ability for quite a large booking should the need arise – the food menu looked great, as did the gellato under glass.  One of the advantages this café has over others along the popular Parade is that there is ample parking behind!!

Latte Quality – Excellent – great colour, not scolding hot and a really pleasant taste. Best one of the day!

Cost – $3.50 – so about average

Coffee SupplierVittoria

Fair Trade – No indication in store, nor after lengthy exploration of Vittoria’s website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Yes – seating both inside and out – and plenty of it.  The venue was rather warm inside – but other than that it was good.  It may get busy during meal times, but there was still a good distance between tables.
  • Deep and Meaningful – Yes – for the same reasons as above.  Outside seating is protected from the elements by Cafe blinds, and heating is available.
  • Study and Reflection – Yes – as I keep saying – plenty of space to spread out – good sized menu for lunch and dinner – you could do an entire day there!!

Not forgotten

I have not forgotten about this blog, nor have I  been on a coffee fast.  However, fast is a way to describe my experience of time duration over the past few weeks and while coffee has been consumed in new and exciting places, blogging reviews has yet to be achieved.  But fear not – notes have been kept, impressions written down, experiences savoured – and in due course (or dew coarse – depending on how you view things) latte reviews will be posted on Cafe Pallazo, Norwood; Jamaicablue, Noarlunga Centre; and Aquacaf, Goolwa.

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