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Anchorage – Victor Harbor, SA

21 Flinders Pde, Victor Harbor, SA 5211

I happened to be in the lovely sea-side/sea-change town of Victor Harbor on the last (kind of) day of my holidays, arranging to get my suits dry-cleaned in preparation for a return to the desk – when the thought of caffiene crossed my mind.  But I had no idea where to go.  Then a memory resurfaced of a local colleague  telling me of this place near the sea with a great breakfast menu, good coffee and friendly service – so I ventured forth towards the ocean in search of the promise of good coffee.  Having found the Anchorage, I opened to the door to find said colleague standing at the counter paying for two coffees.  I discovered that he was right – the place sells GREAT coffee and the breakfast menu looks spectacular – and if you end up sitting out the front, it has a view that would rival any ocean side café in Australia!!

Latte Quality – Excellent – well actually it could be ‘Lattastic!’ but I have decided that such a declaration of wonderful coffee needs to be double checked at least – but the window indicates that the Anchorage serves ‘award winning coffee.’

Cost – $4.70 – is what I paid for a large take away which is very expensive, and also happens to be 50 cents more than the price indicated on their breakfast menu [PDF]. A regular latte served in house is $3.20 which is good.

Coffee Supplier – this is confusing, and next time I am in I will get this confirmed – however the menu says ‘QAHWA COFFEE – House Roasted’ – which a quick Google search indicated that ‘QAHWA’ is an English rendering of the Arabic word  قهوة (qahwa) meaning “coffee”.  However, their sugar (which is often a good indication of who the coffee supplier is and this often forms part of the supply contract) told me the beans were Andronicus (aka Nestlé).

Fair Trade –  If we go with the idea of Nestlé – then a resounding NO would be the likely answer.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Breakfast meeting – Quiet Chat – Study and Reflection – the cafe space has a great feel to it – including the stylish half boat which forms the bar – soft music, plenty of space, a warm fire place and if the weather allows a seat outside will allow you to just sit back and admire the view towards Port Elliot – and with the right season, some Whale watching.  I’ll be back for sure!!
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