Bombora@Goolwa Beach, SA – 2010 Update

Goolwa Beach Carpark, Beach Rd, Goolwa Beach SA 5214

I first reviewed this place only months are moving down to the coast – and I loved it.  The location, the food, the location, the coffee, the location – and to be honest, searches on ‘Bombora@Goolwa’ direct about 50% of the traffic to this blog – so I thought it about time to go back, and have another look.  To be really, really honest – I wish I hadn’t.  The location is still fantastic, and with today’s blue sky and good off shore breeze – the place was a buzz with people and surfers (?).  And I am sure the food by Olaf is still a major attraction, but….I should never have ordered that coffee.

Latte Quality – Passable  – watery – which is a concern in a latte – as my first coffee for the traditional working week, as the song says ‘things can only get better’

Cost – $3.50 for a regular cup.

Coffee Supplier – Lavazza Coffee 

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Depends on the number of other people there – but unlikely as today’s patronage was strong – but you could always buy a coffee, and then walk the beach in quiet conversation.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.
  • Study and Reflection – If you can really concentrate – I managed it today, but I am sure I read the same paragraph from Smile’s Commentary at least four times.

So I wonder two things (a) were they just having a really bad coffee making day?  You know, like you would be reluctant to buy a car made on a Friday or a Monday, perhaps it could the same thing here? and (b) whether my taste in coffee has matured?  I used to think Lavazza Coffee was great, but looking back over my reviews, it has been a while since I desired a Lavazza…

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