Najjars Cafe – North Adelaide, SA

21 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, 5006

Since 1992, Najjars has been a very popular café for Adelaideans – so it was about time, on my recent short break, that I road tested the famous place for it’s coffee and other attributes.

Latte Quality – Good – my first holiday coffee. Unfortunately the barista over poured on her first attempt, so then just poured it all into another cup – thus removing the crema – and resulting in a very, very hot first sip which rendered my tongue burnt for the next 24 hours….

Cost – $4.00 for a regular cup.

Coffee Supplier – South Australia’s own Aroma Fresh Coffee

Fair Trade – No mention of the coffee being Fair Trade at Najjars – Aroma Fresh do do a nice Fair Trade 3 Bean blend – click here

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful – Outside of the busy meal times, this place would certainly work – plenty of space, both inside and out – although outside can get a little noisy and a smelling depending on traffic.
  • Study and Reflection – As long as you are going there outside their peak periods – I do not see why not – and judging from the number of people using laptops when I was there, Najjars either have an interest hot spot, or there is one nearby.

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