Your latte suggestions…

In the last 23 hours, a number of café/latte suggestions have come in – and so this has prompted me to do a re-post of an earlier call for café/latte suggestions – please – in the nicest possible way – tell me where to go!

Suggestions received so far include:

  • Cafe Komodo – 118 Prospect Road, Prospect
  • Giovanni – 15 Morphett Street, Mt Barker
  • My Café – [not sure if this is an actual place, or whether I was being invited to sample someone’s home brewed coffee….]
  • your suggestion goes here!

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  1. the third cafe is a new one in Mt Barker on Gawler Street, been told about it… 😛

  2. I heard Briccone at the Rundle Street end of Rundle Mall has pretty awesome Mochas!

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