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Bocca – North Adelaide, SA

152 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

This was my second coffee stop during my short break in Adelaide – pre-zoological experience coffee – the first, of my first full day.  As an aside, I think it is pretty rich that Peter Goers calls Victor Harbor the Agapanthus capital of the world, when I am sure that North Adelaide has more of the great age indicative botanical specimens per square metre, than South Australia’s premier sea-side city…but I digress. Located on what could easily be called ‘Coffee Corner’ if it weren’t for the Old Lion, Bocca is an Italian style, full menu café – which from a long dark memory of a time when I flew back to SA from VIC for a short stay, does a great hearty breakfast.

Latte Quality – Excellent – although a little hot to begin with, my fingers prompted me to hold off sampling the first caffieney goodness of the morning so as to avoid the tongue burning incident of my Najjar’s experience.  When sampled, the coffee was full, rich and wonderfully smooth.  Due to its heat, it lasted the walk from Melbourne street all the way to the reptile house at the Adelaide Zoo.

Cost – $3.40 cup; $3.90 mug; $4.70 grande take-away

Coffee Supplier – Adelaide’s own La Crema

Fair Trade – No indication in store about it – but La Crema have a medal winning Fair Trade blend which I use at home.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful – Outside of the busy meal times, this place would certainly work – plenty of space, both inside and out.
  • Study and Reflection – As long as you are going there outside their peak periods should be fine.  This part of North Adelaide is also handy for grabbing a take away coffee and walking the streets, if that works well for conversation.  The Cibo across the road also has an Internode hotspot – so you can sit in Bocca – enjoy a good coffee, and use their internet!
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