Yilki Store – Yilki, SA

60 Franklin Parade, Encounter Bay, SA, 5211

I rediscovered this series of three shops/cafés on the foreshore at Victor Harbor/Yilki/Encounter Bay last Sunday – when I attempted to go and worship with the Uniting Church congregation at Yilki, but was defeated by a change in their service start time, which meant I arrived as Rev. Steve was concluding…but I found these shops.  During this week – aka. Christmas Preparation Retreat Week – I ventured one morning down to Franklin Parade, to discover that only one of the three café has a life in the daylight hours of the work-a-day week – which, if I was about 15 years younger would have led me to the conclusion that the other two places are hangouts for vampires…but anyway…

Latte Quality – Good – and it came with small biscotti.

Cost – $4.40 for a large mug.

Coffee Supplier – Vito Coffee – at least that is what all their umbrellas and hoarding said, although after a thorough (3 mins) Google search, I am unable to find anything about Vito Coffee

Fair Trade – No indication – so I would assume not.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful – Definitely – for quite a while I was the only person sitting outside.  There is plenty of seating – either under cover, or under the umbrellas.
  • Study and Reflection – As long as you can work and not just stare at the bluff, or the ocean, or seal island, or granite island, or small yet un-named island (according to the font of all knowledge – Google Maps)

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