Loose Goose Café – Goolwa, SA

by Loose Goose Food Design Ballast Stone Cellar Door Complex – Signal Point, Goolwa Wharf, SA, 5214

Also known locally as the ‘Signal Point Café’, this is the newest café to open in and around Goolwa and the South Coast – taking its place amongst the rebirth of the Signal Point Complex, that sits high above the Goolwa Wharf.  The café itself takes advantage of its high location, with plenty of seating to make the most of the elevated views up river, and down towards the barrages – you can also see what everyone is doing down at Hectors… Unfortunately, due to the nature of the building – it seems as though Loose Goose has been shoved into a hole in the wall (quite literally) – and it is from there, that they function – but one can assume that if their venture takes off, they may be able to stretch their wings in the true goose fashion…

Latte Quality – Good – not bad – but my socks stayed firmly on my feet.  [SEE COMMENT BELOW FOR UPDATE]

Cost – $3.50 – however it is on the small side

Coffee SupplierMonjava

Fair Trade – No mention in the café nor on the Monjava website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I spent an hour or so here doing some preparatory reading for my first sermon in my ‘Sermon on the Mount’ series – you just need to ignore the gorgeous view!

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  1. I returned to the goose today for a coffee – and while the aesthetics of the place have improved – they are still shoved in a hole, and the coffee was still ‘good’ – not bad, but not great either. Their information indicated that it was Monjava Organic Mexican.

    The view was great, and the conversation stimulating. Goolwa is good like that.

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