Gloria Jean’s Coffee – Tullamarine, VIC

Arrivals Hall, Domestic Terminal – Jetstar, Airport Drive, Tullamarine, VIC, 3043

Back when I was a coffee novice – and as embarrassing as this is to admit – I used to love GJ’s Coffee – particularly my local one at Waverley Gardens – and then when I was called to SA, my local at Mount Barker – but I suspect that it was as much to do with the friendly staff [Anna @ Wavos and Greg @ MtB] who I got to know as it was with the coffee.  Well…after this experience…and they say that Melbourne has the best coffee culture in Australia….[yeah, right!]. The best I can say about it is “with a licence to print their own money through their ability to pass off anything that is hot and remotely smelling of coffee to their desperate customers, GJ’s @ Tulla have the market cornered on the baggage collection area of the Qantas and Jetstar airlines however next time I’ll bring a thermos, some powered milk and some freeze dried instant – perhaps some International Rust.”

Latte Quality – Passable – and only because it was my first coffee since 4am when I left home to drive to the airport.

Cost – exorbitant – a small Café Latte will set you back $4.55

Coffee Supplier – Gloria Jean’s have their own brand.

Fair Trade – No although some variants have the ‘Rainforest Alliance’ tag on them.

Venue Suitable for:

  • waiting to be collected and taken to a place that actually understands the art of making coffee….I couldn’t help but notice that Andrew, who was picking me up, brought his own previously purchased coffee.

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