Stadium Café Bar & Lounge – Mulgrave, VIC

Shop 7, 2 Stadium Circuit, Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Vic 3170

In the later part of my Melbourne years (Jan 2003-Dec 2007) this place became as much my local as did GJ’s over the hill – and again, it was probably just as much about the friendly staff as it was about the coffee – and the awesome fries with this addictive mayo kind of dipping sauce this – do you remember Jarrod? Well the friendly staff that I knew have gone [Jo] as has the dipping sauce [although that did disappear while I was still there – which brought an end to weekly sessions and sent us looking elsewhere] but it is still the closest Café to the College (at least until the Tabor one is fully operational) and so while I was there for a week’s study – we had to get a ‘real’ coffee.

Latte Quality – Good – Excellent.  I had a couple of cups from here – all takeaway, so it largely depended upon the barrista.

Cost – $4.50 – for a large take away cup.

Coffee SupplierVittoria Coffee

Fair Trade – No mention in the café nor on the website – however Vittoria do have one variety which is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – During the daylight hours definitely – I used to meet here weekly for peer mentoring, and there was generally a quiet table to be found somewhere – either inside or out.  It you are tragically a Hawthorn Fan [Peter] , this is the place to come to watch the boys run around on the training ground.  The Stadium Café Bar & Lounge is in the only remaining part of the old VFL Ground known as Waverley (aka Arctic) Park – for South Australia readers – just think Football Park, as they were almost identical in design and construction.

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