Bar 9 Specialist Coffee Boutique – Eastwood, SA

91 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, SA, 5001

This is one of those reviews which has been coming for a long time, as this place as been regarded in most circles as THE place to get coffee in Adelaide – after all, they call themselves a ‘specialist coffee boutique.’  Well, firstly – this place is hard to find.  I have driven past it probably over 50 times since it opened, and never saw it once – it took a specific invite from a colleague and friend (some would say brother, when you consider our biologically influenced common hairstyles and lack of discernible bone structures…) for me to park the car and walk around till I eventually found it.  When you walk inside, you’d never expect this to be the Mecca for Adelaide Coffee – frankly, it could do with a good clean!  As you would expect – they sport a plethora of ways to brew coffee – traditional espresso machines – siphon – pour-over – ice drip – plus specialists when in town – with a multitude of coffee beans (although I was never asked what I wanted when I had my two coffees there on Tuesday…) according to their website and facebook – so the question you are asking is…was it worth it?

Yes. But I wouldn’t make a major effort to go there from where I live….

Latte Quality – Good – Excellent – although I detected a slight detergenty after taste in my first cup, which was strange.  They used special locally produced un-homogenized milk from Tweedvale Dairy – which is really cool, and suits my ethics. And you can notice the creamy quality – although if you want a strong coffee, you need to really ask them for it.

Cost – $3.30 – for a regular (although small by most standards) sized latte

Coffee SupplierFive Senses Coffee – from Western Australia.

Fair Trade – No mention of Fairtrade in store – but Five Senses do do a Fairtrade Organic

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I was there from 2-3pm on a Tuesday afternoon – and there was one other person in the shop the entire time – some quiet funky music in the background – the only trick is parking.  On Glen Osmond road you do it at your own risk – prepare to have you life flash before your eyes – or you park in a side street and hope your car is still there when you return.  There is no point using Google Earth to find it – as the pictures they have are of something else….

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