Seagull Droppings – Normanville, SA

Seagull Droppings Gallery and Espresso Bar – Corner Main South & Hay Flat Roads, Normanville, SA, 5204

This is one of the funky little art gallery come cafés that seem to pop up all over the place in tourist areas – it is also one of those places where if you blinked at the wrong time you’d miss the sign – but having seen it, you’ll never forget it.  Only open Thursday – Sunday, it is well worth a drop in when you are passing by – not only for the exciting art, which is generally all made in house by artist Andrew Munn, but also for the aesthetics and coffee.  And judging by the number of locals who were there when I called past only minutes after opening, it is a popular place.

Latte Quality – Good – but again, too hot!  Not sure what it is about coffee places in this part of the world, but three out of four need to be checking their thermometres.

Cost – $3.00 – which is a good price, but cup was on the smaller side of things.

Coffee SupplierMahalia – which is one of my favourite South Australian bean sources.

Fair Trade – Mahalia do do some Fair Trade Coffee but the one used here – and in most locations – is their Blend No.2 which is not Fair Trade.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study and Reflection – Yes – seating inside and out (in a courtyard) and I would guess that mostly the artist in residence is not that noisy.  I guess it depends on  how many locals come in for their coffee plus D&M.

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