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Fair Dinkum Café – Kadina, SA

11 Graves Street, Kadina, SA, 5554

During a very short break over on the Copper Coast, I struggled to find a place where I could – not just enjoy a coffee, but actually purchase one.  After checking the Yellow Pages, and the Tourism information the three that they recommended were all closed on a Monday afternoon…so eventually I ended up – through sheer determination of driving around till I found signs of life, purchasing a latte from the Fair Dinkum Café.  By the look of things, this is a fairly new place in Kadina and I would suggest, that as long as they actually open their doors – they should do a roaring trade.

Latte Quality – Good – plenty of room for improvement, but nonetheless it was drinkable – and it didn’t scold my tongue, which considering my earlier holiday experiences was a good thing.

Cost – $4.50 – which is very expensive in comparison – a small is $4.00

Coffee Supplier – Amanti

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Definitely – there were plenty of tables, with plenty of space between them – with the possibility of many more – there was also some outside seating, and no blaring music.
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