Sazo’n Espresso – Mount Barker, SA

Shop 1/24 Gawler Street, Mount Barker, SA, 5251

If this place had been open when I lived in the Mount, I would….well, at least my wife would have known where I was when I was not home.  This is the sort of place that every town needs – and I hope upon hope that they open a second one in Goolwa quick smart.  But before the review, let’s back up a bit.

A while back I asked my reader (you know who you are) if they knew of some places that I really needed to check out – and among the many suggestions (well, four of them) was a place called ‘My Cafe’ in Mount Barker, and after many searches, I had – much like my search for Nessie and the Abominable Snowman – given up.  However today was nice – it was one of the days, despite the nip in the air, the sun was shining and the green of the Adelaide Hills was glorious, and seeing as though I had to be in Mount Barker so my wife could be checked up on (she is nearly 38 weeks pregnant) I thought I would search one last time for the mysterious ‘My Cafe.’  Well, to cut a long story short – as I was trawling down Gawler Street, I saw those two little words that send a shiver of excitement through the cafinatious gland of any coffee snob – “Espresso Bar”  – and there it was, like an appearance of an oasis [not the band – heaven forbid – not the band] – Sazo’n.

Words cannot do this place justice – you MUST go there and check it out – from the funky design of the interior, to the cool(ish) music that sets the vibe,  the many comfortable outdoor seating opportunities, to the friendly, courteous and knowledgeable  staff (my wife commented on their customer service – which is a HUGE thing people – it is one of our biggest peeves) this place has it all – and I haven’t even mentioned the Coffee yet.  Yes – they do, do coffee!!

Latte Quality – Lattastic! – Now I know that I have said before that I wouldn’t rush in to making such a bold assessment – but in fairness to me (and this is my blog after all) after my first Sazo’n experience, I did give them a couple of hours grace and then returned to try again – and it was just as good, if not better!!

Cost – $4.00 – which is above average for a regular size – but between you and me, I think it is worth it!!

Coffee Supplier – Veneziano Caffe – which is a new one to me, but is brilliant.  You can buy the beans at Sazo’n or order them online.

Fair Trade – Probably not – at least there was no mention in store, but Veneziano do do a “Pure™ ‘Fairtrade Organic” – I’ll let you know what it is like!

Special Notes – They do a full breakfast and lunch menu is the Mexican style – and they are also conscious of people’s food intolerances and allergies – so KC was glad when the waitress took the time to come around the counter and explain to her which of the yummy looking sweet food was gluten free!  The Portuguese Tart that I had was great!

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – there is the potential for all three uses – however when KC went in there she said the music was a bit ‘doof, doof’ in persuasion which kind of makes studying difficult, and would knock any sort of D&M on the head – but when I went back, the music was more acoustic guitar based, which I could study too – and when the weather allows, you can always sit outside.

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  1. now to be fair – i was told about ‘my cafe’ and no, i have never been there … my visits to the mount are not that regular anymore (a bit hard from 9 hrs away)! that being said – the parentals shall be told about this place and i will try to try it out next time i am in and around the mount 😛 glad you like coffee barun – their food is great and coffee is good too. have you tried cafe komodo on prospect rd yet?? 😀

  2. Hey Rose [kitten??] – good to read from my reader. Well the next time you are in the Mount let me know and I’ll meet you for coffee – this place will be making Grounds For Coffee shake in their boots!! I haven’t been to Komodo yet – but that is purely georgaphy – I have very rarely in that part of the world – and now that I have resigned all my conference involvement, I have very few reasons to. One day perhaps.

    You should be reviewing coffee places for me in Melbourne!! Want a job??

  3. thx sae, kitten (hello – pic!!!) as for coffee in the Mount, for sure, next time!! as for Melbourne coffee – probably should am house sitting in hawthorn atm… so yeah that would be a good idea… have some great places around flemington/kensington as well… that research would such hard work! 😉

  4. Lock it in Rose – so when you’re next enjoying a great(ish) Melbourne coffee – just use the items under ‘Review Method’ to do your review – and add your impressions (customer service, ambience etc) and send it through.

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