Two Bees Café – Victor Harbor, SA

1A Ocean Street, Victor Harbor, SA, 5211

Having ventured down to Victor on a Monday during school holidays to collect my suit from the dry cleaners – it was never my intention to venture into the busiest part of town, and negotiate my way past families on vacation, to purchase a coffee.  I thought I’d grab one from ‘No. 58’ at Port Elliot as I have been waiting to try this place, after a glowing recommendation from one of my congregation, but generally finding it closed.  However, as I paid for my freshly cleaned suit and shirt, a conversation I had with another friend within our church community came to mind, when I was asked whether I had tried the new café which is down near the cinema…without wanting to leave you in suspense, my answer to the aforementioned question was ‘No’ hence the conversation popping into my mind and hence me writing about it here….are you still with me?  Anyway, I parked the car and walked to this new place – which on first impressions, did nothing for me – and they served ‘Aroma Fresh’ coffee – and it appeared to be an annex to the hardware store….so, I turned around and went back the way I came, because this little yellow place on the corner, with the magical word ‘café’ had caught my eye.

The Two Bees Café – named in honour of dual ‘B’s which commence the surnames of the owners of ‘2Bs’ – has only been in operation now for about three months – which is gusty, consider this is not the busy period for Victor, and three local food/coffee stalwarts have recently bitten the dust – but as I was told upon enquiry from the very friendly staff (I assume to be one of the owners actually) business has been good – and judging by the number of people in there, I would say she is right.  The Two Bees is on the corner of Ocean Street (the one way shopping strip) and Albert Place and for those who know the area – adjacent to Subway (sharing a wall) and across the road from Ninos. Decorated in the fairly obvious ‘honey-bee yellow’ the Two Bees Café is funky, without being pretentious, and is comfortable without being tired – the staff (or at least the one that I met) are friendly and highly competent baristas – and sweet sticky display case contains gluten free goods.

Latte Quality – Excellent! – I suspect that this will get a Lattastic upgrade upon a second try – but it was really great – and as a bonus, if you are a local they give you a loyalty card with every sixth coffee being a ‘free bee’

Cost – $3.50 – which is above average for a regular size – but between you and me, I think it is worth it!!  $4.00 for a large take-away, which is not too bad – although the large is not really that large.

Coffee Supplier – Zentveld’s – which was another new one – but comes out of Byron Bay in NSW, which promotes itself as being 100% Australian grown and real fair trade.  Zentveld’s website is also very informative including some great tips for making great espresso, which some cafes could do with reading [click on ‘Bad‘ or ‘Passable‘ in the Tags option to the left]

Fair Trade – Not really. They indicate that their coffee is ‘real fair trade’ – but that just means that their coffee is Australian grown and roasted, so in essence it is – but not in the way the Fair Trade association means it.

Special Notes – You get a free chocolate coated coffee bean with every coffee purchase – Yum!!

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Not really any of these – it was the middle of the afternoon when I was there, and there were six other people in the café – and with the tiled floor and brick walls, I could pretty much hear every word said.  But if you want to grab a coffee and watch traffic, or grab one and walk through the adjacent reserve – then make this place your first stop!!

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  1. via Facebook – “It’s also great for prams. Kristen and I love go there, Caitlin (the woman who most likely served you, and is one of the owners) and Matthew are incredibly friendly.

    Their Chai Lattes are the best I’ve had throughout the entire Fleurieu!!!”

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