BeanScene – A World Class Coffee Magazine

Cover Price – $8.95

Editor: Christine Grimard
Prime Creative Pty Ltd
11-15 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

This review is based upon the June 2011 edition, of this bi-monthly magazine.  BeanScene magazine is a larger, much more substantial looking magazine, then its interstate rival – coming in at 100 pages inside cover to inside cover – which more than compensates for the additional $2 at the news-stand. The  contents page doesn’t easily allow for an apples with apples comparison with Crema, as there is no indication of regular features verse special features – but based purely upon the cover information and the three key pictures in the contents page, this edition features especially:

  • The story of Coffee Icon Toby Smith, and his journey from selling beans from his mother’s garage to having stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and New York.  [What’s wrong with Adelaide? Reviewer wonders – no need for comments on thing ;)]
  • Christchurch – how the shattered but not broken Coffee industry is supporting the region as it gets back on its feet after a disastrous 2011.
  • Domestic Bliss – a great couple of pages on the latest and coolest coffee gear out there – from the AeroPress [] to the La Pavoni espresso machine [] to the tampers of Espresso Gear Australia []
  • Giotto: the untold story – how a couple of New Zealand coffee entrepreneurs rescued the iconic brand.
  • Celebrity Chef – Guillauame Brahimi
  • Fairtrade – the story behind the label

The magazine, according to the contents page is divided seven components all focussed upon coffee:

  1. Upfront – which includes an Insider Insight into trade, Coffee News in brief, and New Products on the scene;
  2. Industry Profiles – whos who and whats what – did you now there was a Cappuccino Price Index?  This never gets a mention during the news on breakfast television!
  3. Product Profile – which includes an article on the various methods of processing coffee beans, and an article on a Tasmanian initiative to help Rwandan genocide survivors;
  4. Personality Profile – which interviews industry people from international judges, baristas (sounds all legal doesn’t it?), and bean traders – it also highlights a couple of members of the Coffee Snobs website and forum;
  5. Technology Focus – pretty self explanatory;
  6. Café Scene– what is happening around the place – plus a review of a cafe in every major Australian city, and Singapore – this edition they look at:
    1. Single Origin Roasters – Surrey Hills, NSW
    2. Nook Espresso – Burleigh Heads, Qld
    3. The Cupping Room – Hobart, Tas
    4. Limes Café – West Perth, WA
    5. Caffe Buongiorno – Modbury, SA
    6. Brother Baba Budan – Melbourne, VIC
    7. Black – TripleOne Somerset, Singapore
  7. Skill Base – which teaching us novices some of the barista skills for our home coffee nooks – including how to make the ‘Elephant Sketch’ latte art by current Australian Latte Art Champion, Kirby Berlin.

To quote Molly Meldrum – “Do yourself a favour” and get into BeanScene Magazine. If you are a serious coffee nut, then this is the magazine for you. If you like to keep your magazines, to refer back – then likewise, this is the magazine for you as it is well presented, with a solid well labelled spine. I was concerned about BeanScene when I saw that it was published by a publishing company in Melbourne, and not by Coffee people in Adelaide, but their content proves that they have staffed well, and have even made the effort to provide a good cross section of the coffee geography of our region – including New Zealand and Singapore. Certainly not for the casual coffee drinker, but a must for a conscientious coffee connoisseur.


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