Other blogs that smell like Coffee….

Last weekend I spent about 4 hours, and two cups of Coffee Barun latte blend [ordered whole beans – and prepared them myself] to upgrade all my tags and categories to try and align myself with other similar blogs.  The only problem was, that when I had finished – I could find hardly any similar blogs, despite the tags.  But today, with another latte in hand I discovered the following articles on other blogs – check them out, if you dare:

  • Odds and Em’s has a subsection of the blog devotted to coffee, and her (assuming it is a she, and she is called Emma, or Emily) more recent articles include:
  • Sharking for Chips and Drinks which is a cafe/restuarant review blog focussed upon Melbourne, also reviews and photographs some excellent coffee:
    • Liar Liar90 Kinkora Rd,Hawthorn VIC 3122
  • Arnoneumann – Thought Leadership has an interesting article about the 800 distinctive tastes and aromas that coffee gives off, in comparison to the workaday 200 or so from the wine industry – hinting at a future for coffee culture.

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  1. Hi Make Coffee,

    Thanks for the mention of our blog in your post. You are our first pingback so big up to ya. you have a handy little blog here yourself. Ae there any places you suggest we try out?

  2. Thanks for your comment – I’m still waiting for my first pingback!!

    Places to try out…well, when I lived in Melbourne I really liked ‘The Stadium’ at Waverley Park, and ‘Mocha Joes’ on the Kingsway at Glen Waverley. Other than that – keep doing what you’re doing, and then I can go where you suggest the next time I am in town!!

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