Our Little Café – Mount Barker, SA

37 Gawler Street, Mount Barker, SA, 5251

I suspect that Our Little Café is the mysterious ‘My Café’ that I was told to review in Mt Barker, but could never find.  Who ever said that Google couldn’t answer any question?  Well Our Little Café is nestled next to my old favourite salon – back when I had hair that needed the salon treatment – Spoilt Hair & Beauty – and from memory, the last time I had hair, and therefore was a client of Spoilt, this little cafe under a previous guise had bright purple walls. Now they are a bright shade of orange. They make good use of space for a small area, with plenty of tables and a good array of food on offer, including some gluten free options – my wife quite liking their Jaffa Slice!  After I had ordered my coffee, I looked down at the counter and saw a mate’s CDs for sale, and then turned to my left and saw his bearded face (beards of the world unite!) starring back at me!!  So this place must be good!

Latte Quality – Good heading towards Excellent – the coffee was served to me far to hot, and my tongue is still a bit funny, some 6 hours later.  But the coffee flavour was really nice, ending with hints of mocha.

Cost – $4.00 – which is above average for a regular size.

Coffee Supplier – La Crema

Fair Trade – Didn’t seem to be any indication that what I was about to drink was Fairtrade, however La Crema does do a very nice Fairtrade coffee.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – most likely, but it would depend on number of customers and the time of day.  I was in – after having to work out how to use the door – they have recently installed a new door closer that is a bit stiff – at around 2:30pm, and the place was quiet, but when I had driven past earlier in the day I think it would have been full.

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  1. Nice review, it has come on in leaps and bounds since this review, now my home away from home, the name really suits.

  2. Thanks Darren – I must get back up to the Mount and get back into ‘Our Little Cafe’

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