Beanhunter – calling all South Australian Coffee Lovers!

Have you heard about the ‘Beanhunter’ yet?  Don’t think the Crocodile Hunter for coffee addicts – crikey – this is better!

The Beanhunter is kind of like my blog (this one – the one you are now reading) – but bigger, better and with more commercial potential to make money (I just love what I do!).  The Beanhunter is a coffee review website with global implications, that has an accompanying App for iPhone – which allows you to find and review the best coffee nearest to your current location – as their moto says “coffee worth travelling for.”

Why I added the “calling all South Australian Coffee Lovers!” tag line above – is that according to their continually being updated list of the best cafes around the place (specific to our region), Adelaide has a measly 38 Cafes reviewed.  We rank 9th – behind the usual suspects – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, London, – but we also trail Auckland, the Gold Coast and even Canberra!! (seriously?  Canberra has a better coffee culture than Adelaide??  I think not! [man I hope not]) – we are only 611 cafes behind Melbourne – so we have a little bit of ground to catch up – but surely we have enough quality coffee establishments to rank ourselves above anywhere in New Zealand, the Gold Coast (most retirees and schoolies aren’t that coffee conscious) and Canberra – where Nescafe is considered to be a delicacy!!!

So – go on over to the Beanhunter – sign up (it’s free) – and start adding your favourite coffee places and reviews – let’s make SA proud!  Remember – Radelaide – heaps good!

To date I have added:

    • La Terre – Willunga
    • Two Bees – Victor Harbor
    • Sazo’n Espresso – Mount Barker
    • The Store – North Adelaide

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  1. Thanks Sae! At Beanhunter we are constantly making improvements and still have some big things to roll out before the end of the year. Remember for blogs you can also grab your personal RSS feed of reviews on Beanhunter and feed it into a widget on your site. Looking forward to seeing more and more Adelaide cafes! It’s building up!

  2. Thanks for your comments Adam – I look forward to seeing how the Beanhunter evolves in the future.

    In terms of the RSS feed via the widget thing you said – how would I go about doing that??

  3. To grab your personal RSS feed, you can grab it off your user profile page. Here’s some instructions:

    I use it on my personal blog in a RSS widget and it works nicely. (

  4. Thanks Adam – done and working well. I also checked out your blog – Love it! Shalom.

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