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Over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks

Over the last few weeks, this blog and its potential have really captured my ‘spare-time’ imagination – and I am really getting more and more passionate about good coffee and where to find it.  But having said that, you my loyal readers (there must be at least two of you now) need to know that over the next few weeks, reviews will be few and fare between because we are hopefully adding an extra person to our family of three. My wife of five years is now overdue, in preparation for the birth of our second child – he/she was due on July 31st – so any day now (or so we have been saying).  I have a few reviews up my sleeve which are scheduled to go out every two days – just to keep things flowing – but there will be very little new review action probably until September – when we as a family begin to re-emerge as an awesome foursome.

Scheduled reviews include:

  • The Loca·vore – Stirling;
  • rubys organic cafe – Stirling;
  • Corso Cafe – Mt Barker;
  • Organic Market & Cafe – Stirling.
please note that the image above does not represent the opinion of the blogger – pets are for life, not for espresso….;)

The Essence – Stirling, SA

Shop 7, 49 Mt Barker Road, Stirling, SA, 5152

Unless you are a regular or occasional parker of cars in the carpark behind the Stirling shops, then the chances are you have never seen The Essence.  Nestled quietly behind a dry cleaners, with unrivalled views of the car park, The Essence is a café and gourmet deli, all in one.

Nicely decorated, with plenty of inside seating – The Essence also has a series of tables that line a fairly narrow verandah on two sides, and a few tables under a glory vine lined pergola – which would be very nice in the warmer months.  However, be warned  – if you sit on the verandah – be prepared to have to constantly move your legs so as not to trip up the general public, and possibly be accosted by the carbon monoxide of delivery vehicles.

According to the ‘Yourrestaurant Guide’ – Hidden in the main shopping centre is a deli and a cafe in one, so you can buy a tasty lunch and special ingredients for dinner at the same time. While the deli favours Italian food, there are also some Asian items that any home gourmand cannot do without.  

Latte Quality – Good – a touch hot as my tongue still attests – but generally ok.

Cost – $3.50 – which is the average price, but the glass was on the small side of things.

Coffee Supplier – Griffiths Coffee

Fair Trade – Yes and No.  Their information board indicated that they served ‘Fairtrade Organic Coffee’ – but upon investigation via the Griffiths Coffee website, it appears as though Griffiths do not do a Fair Trade or an Organic Blend – they do however have a Rainforest Alliance from Panama. So….

Special Notes – Kid friendly venue – as long as you stay inside – where they provide story books and crayons.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Absolutely – as long as you take into consideration the thing I said about the legs and the CO above – or you could go inside…..
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