Over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks

Over the last few weeks, this blog and its potential have really captured my ‘spare-time’ imagination – and I am really getting more and more passionate about good coffee and where to find it.  But having said that, you my loyal readers (there must be at least two of you now) need to know that over the next few weeks, reviews will be few and fare between because we are hopefully adding an extra person to our family of three. My wife of five years is now overdue, in preparation for the birth of our second child – he/she was due on July 31st – so any day now (or so we have been saying).  I have a few reviews up my sleeve which are scheduled to go out every two days – just to keep things flowing – but there will be very little new review action probably until September – when we as a family begin to re-emerge as an awesome foursome.

Scheduled reviews include:

  • The Loca·vore – Stirling;
  • rubys organic cafe – Stirling;
  • Corso Cafe – Mt Barker;
  • Organic Market & Cafe – Stirling.
please note that the image above does not represent the opinion of the blogger – pets are for life, not for espresso….;)

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