Customer Service….

As an aside – and not necessarily directed at anyone in particular – but as a general statement and reflection of my experience recently – I found the customer service during my half a day in Stirling to be really ordinary.  Of the three staff at Rubys (my last coffee of the day) only one seemed to have the concept of ‘without return customers, we are just three people in a room with a coffee machine’ front and centre of her approach – my experience of the rest, as you have read was similar.

If your coffee/food is the best there is anywhere – then you can probably be a bit narky and expect people to put up with it – but when you are competing with others in the market place, with coffee of equally average standards, then you need to set yourself apart with something.  I am happy (on the odd occasion) to have a ‘good’ coffee from a place with excellent customer service, rather than going for an excellent coffee at a place in which you do not feel welcome…

So – just to be able to get this off my substantial chest, from this post onwards I am including Customer Service in my reviews – at this stage (until I can think of something more interesting, or funny) it will be based upon the simple   system – probably as follows:

  •  – would have been less painful and awkward to make it myself;
  •   – acknowledged my presence and value as a carbon based entity;
  •  – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it;
  •   – memorable – you talk about this place – this is how everyone should be, but few are – they may have even asked your name…;
  •   –  freaking awesome – I’m going to nominate them for Australian of the Year – I would keep coming back, even if they switched to International Rust and an ern (not really, but you get the drift) – if it weren’t for their calling into the coffee industry, they should be teacher customer service….

I’m just saying. I’m getting off my soap box now….


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