rubys organic cafe – Stirling, SA

29 Mt Barker Road, Stirling, SA, 5152

I have actually frequented Rubys on a number of occasions – when I first moved back to SA, I came here with friends – when I was having problems in a previous ministry, I came here with a mentor for sage advice – when a colleague of mine from Victoria was interviewing with a local Baptist church, this was the place that we came too for a coffee – so I have known about rubys for quite some time, and now finally have done a review.

According to the business card which you can grab as you walk past, ‘rubys organic cafe is a licensed and certified organic café specialising in gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and organic food’ and it also does coffee.  The café itself is pretty small – with about 6 tables inside, and the same number on the footpath – so you need to choose your time of day carefully.  After you have placed your order and sat down, you need to listen carefully – over the noise of the cars, buses, coffee grinder and espresso machine – as your name is brutalised, which indicates that your coffee is ready and you can come collect it from the window – kind of Cibos on Gouger Street.  If you choose to sit outside – the plastic café blinds make the experience kind of like having a coffee in a hothouse – but other than that….

Latte Quality – Excellent – easily the best coffee of my day spent reading and reflection upon the theological concept of the Wilderness and Exodus.

Cost – $3.80 – which is higher than average – and the glass was smaller that my previous coffees – but it easily tasted the best.

Coffee Supplier – Brasilia Coffee

Fair Trade – Again, Yes and No.  No mention of their coffee being Fair Trade – but their sugar was.

Special Notes – I also ordered a mini cheesecake (pictured) after a nasty sauce pie experience courtesy of the Lobethal Bakery franchise around the corner – and while it looked yummy, it was actually so dry it was hard to swallow. I needed the coffee to lubricate my throat in order to eat it – not sure if it was gluten, dairy or organic free – but it was certainly moisture free.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – It would really depend on your timing and your ability to do all this amidst distraction.  This was easily the busiest place in Stirling and for the middle of the afternoon, it was not unusual to have a line of 5 people waiting for take away coffee – let alone the numbers waiting for food inside.

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