What’s your coffee base?

Over on the Five Senses website, Jennifer Murray – winner of the 2008 Western Australian Barista Competition and now Five Senses’ beloved buyer of the world’s best green beans – writes about the genesis of every cup of coffee – no matter how you drink it (real coffee – none of this instant stuff that dissolves in water…)  She writes:
“Sure, perfectly steamed, silky milk enhances the coffee experience and yes, some milk brands taste better than others. However, let us not forget the real player here — the often neglected espresso base that has evolved for better or worse as the industry has grown. Here’s a look at some of the current trends and ‘faux pas’ that exist in cafés today, and what you can expect in the cup as a result…”

She then goes on to explore the three bases, with their pros and cons:

  1. Single Shot Espresso (25-30ml)
  2. Double Shot Espresso (50-60ml)
  3. Double Ristretto (25-30ml)
She concludes by saying “So, as you can see, these different methods definitely create three different results in the cup. None of which are incorrect, it all comes down to personal preference. Just keep the cup size in mind, and remember that a larger size doesn’t always mean a bigger coffee, it may just mean a milkier one.”
To read the details of each base, click HERE
What is your experience?  Have you had the large coffee which was over extracted, watery and milky?  I have – you’d be better off with a Macona (joke).  Tell me about your experiences – good and bad.

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