Café Marketing in the IT Age

Let me preface this by saying that I do not – in any, way, shape, or form consider myself to be an expert in anything that follows – however as a frequenter of café everywhere, there is very little written below that I do not endorse as the way to go.  I guess the only thing that goes unsaid in what follows is that (a-z) you need to have great staff who love coffee and in no way see a customer as an inconvenience.

I also do not kid myself that there are a plethora of café owners who log in to their email everyday just waiting to see what the latest news is from is – but in case there is one, or two who are regular readers here, but are not yet regular fivesenses readers – then what follows I think is worth its weight in bandwidth.

Ashley Brian has written a great article on “Using the Internet to Market Your Café” and not only is what she has to say worth a read, but some of it – for those of the younger Gen X brand – will be surprising – for example the idea of creating a website for your café is only the third most important thing your should do – not the first, when it comes to the Internet.  She writes:

Gone are the days where it’s all about location, location, location. With the emergence of the internet as a promotional beast, every back alley cafe has the chance to become an industry icon…Before we even start looking at what things you can do to promote your café using the web, you need to get your ducks in a row. First up, you need to be confident that every cup of coffee you make is sensational. The majority of these online marketing suggestions are about getting customers to your site for the first time. It’s your job to keep them there by creating a truly memorable customer experience. The easiest way to turn people off is by allowing a bad cup of coffee to slip through to the keeper. And don’t think that it’s just about producing consistently good flat whites. These days you need to offer something different: single origin programmes, micro-lot coffees and filter brews. All fantastic points of difference to make your customer experience memorable, but the main point here is to ensure that every coffee is sensational.

While there are eight tips for successful marketing of your café on the Internet, I’ll only list the top 5 so that you’ll be encouraged to click on over at the end.

  1. Twitter – not something I have used, and I loath seeing the constant updates about peoples eating habits and bowel movements.  But if you are constantly connected then it probably is a way to go for your café disciples.
  2. Facebook – I remember when there was only about 100,00 users.
  3. Website – I get so frustrated when you hear about a great cafe and you Google it – and all you get is others reviews – no information from the people themselves – or you find a website URL that is out of date, or even worse they have a website that was made by someone’s nephew who knew some simple HTML script.
  4. Tell Everyone – absolutely – sign write your web/facebook/twitter details to death – tatoo your staff if needs be!
  5. Identify Strategic Online Partners – I like what it said under this one, however with now over 100 reviews conducted I have only had one person get in touch with me to say ‘Thanks’ – quick plug for the Jetty Food Store at Normanville!!!
Read more HERE

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