Win an Otto Espresso Machine just for ‘liking’ Genovese Coffee

Win an Otto Espresso Machine just for ‘liking’ Genovese Coffee

“Melbourne’s favourite Coffee” company, Genovese Coffee is giving away an Otto Espresso Machine once it has reached 2000 likes on its company Facebook Page.  Once this mystical figure has been reached, they will randomly choose (not sure how – they don’t say) a fan, and award them the Machine!  How easy is that?

This generosity from Genovese is to celebrate the launch of their new logo, as pictured on van number one.  So if you love coffee (and if you didn’t you would be reading this stuff), and you love Genevese (who doesn’t) and you are semi-addicted to Facebook (that pretty much covers everybody – well accept you – but then you know who you are and why…) then get on over to the Genovese Facebook Page and simply click ‘Like.’

It goes without saying, which is why I will write it instead that if you happen to win the Otto Espresso machine and I don’t – and if you happened to learn about this excellent competition from me – then I expect you to invite me round for a ristretto and a latte.    Just click on the “Find us on Facebook” logo and click ‘Like’. 

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