Coffee Apps for the dedicated addict

The more vigilant of you would have realised by now that it has been over a week since my last coffee review, and then it was week between the last one before that – so I feel I owe my avid reader(s) [let’s face it – the (s) is added in as a sign of hope for than anything else] an apology for leaving you in the lurch (you rang?) but the dearth has not been without reason.  I have been busy – with a seven week old baby at home, a busier than usual pastoral load, mentoring a bible college student and preparing a Spring Series called “The Exodus – Their Story/Our Story/THE STORY” – spare time to travel an hour to find a coffee shop and read has been hard to find – and if I am to be totally honest, I cannot see that changing any time in the foreseeable future.   That does not mean that MakeCoffeeNotWar will go into hiatus – oh – nosireebob!

Today I want to write about Coffee Apps for your phone (not iPads – because I really can’t see the point), with a particular focus upon Apps for the iPhone – because as an owner and user of the Apple iPhone for over seven days now, I feel that I can write with a certain amount of expertise on the subject [insert space for reader to laugh uncontrollably and then run off to the toilet….]

Welcome back!

Do you remember life before the invention of the App?  I do – it was pretty much the same as it is now, but there was more spare time because you were not always playing with you phone and looking for fun news Apps to play with which are (at least some of them pretend to be) about saving you time.  But, having bought into the lie about their time saving and thus life enriching (seriously – if you are wanting your life enriched, make a coffee, grab a bible – something translated in the last 20 years to make it easier – read a Gospel and take it seriously) I can recommend to you, the following Coffee related Apps for your iPhone.

DISCLAIMER – I am in no way receiving any kick back, back scratch or benefit from what follows – although if that were to occur after the fact, I am sure that would be fine 😉 


From the people who brought you the website which I go on and on about – this app is about making you – the coffee conscious consumer – more aware of the coffee around you.  Using the GPS functionality of your phone and the “Near Me” option, it will provide you with a list of the nearest vendors of caffeine to your present location, based upon their scores given by other coffee conscious consumers .  Scores are based on quality of the coffee, customer service and atmosphere (or results can be listed based upon distance to your current location, the number of reviews or in alphabetical order).  If you register for free, you can also add your voice to those of your coffee brothers and sisters in arms around you – my user name is TheRev – feel free to follow.  In actual fact, this app and its worth to a coffee nut like myself was the primary reason behind me going for an iPhone over the cheaper options.  But it is worth it!!

Best Aussie Coffee

Very similar App to the Beanhunter and I am not sure who had the idea first – but just as user friendly, just not with the same level of customer/user interaction (I have had regular personal contact with some of the guys behind the Beanhunter who generally appreciate people using their App and website) since the very early days.  I was an early user of their website (link of left menu bar) and have found that often they have cafes listed that do not appear elsewhere – so often it is worth having both apps on your phone.

The major difference between this one and Beanhunter is that Best Aussie Coffee utilises Google Earth to show you the nearby cafes, rather than providing you a list, with names, addresses and the like – for me, the list is easier to use.


This one is totally and completely different from the first two (and the countless others like them – both less and more specific in context and application) as the Barista is all about helping you the home coffee connoisseur make better coffee.  So you could say that is app is about making the aforementioned apps obsolete.

Barista gives you everything you need to learn to use your espresso machine like a pro. The app contains easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for making most popular coffee beverages  in addition to detailed video tutorials covering the basics of how to get the most out of your machine.

Additional features include tips on all facets of the coffee process, an extraction timer, a latte art tutorial and even a glossary of terms so you don’t get lost in coffee jargon! You’ll be the best barista in town  – or at least in your own lunchtime – in no time!

For more Coffee related Apps – search for ‘Coffee’ in iTunes – or click here to read about more US focussed Apps.

What apps do you recommend?


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