Aldgate Providore & Café – Aldgate, SA

Shop 4-6, 220 Mt Barker Road, Aldgate, SA, 5154

I’ve always had a soft spot for Aldgate – seemingly the overlooked, and perhaps introverted fraternal twin of the more popular Stirling – yet I find the quaint, cute leafy green Aldgate so much more pleasant a place to spend time.  For one thing, there are less shops and they are all in one location – built around the concept of a village green – this means you can slowly meander from café to gift shop to chicken shop to to pharmacy to café while not actually travelling that far, nor loosing the glorious vista of so many english trees in their prime.

I happened upon the Aldgate Providore & Café almost by mistake.  Having not had the chance to get out and about in the coffee world for almost a month, my taste buds were itching, so I proposed to my wife and family an outing, which would include organic farmers markets, and playgrounds just as long as I got to sit in a cafe for half and hour, drink coffee and read.  Happily they agreed, so off we went to pretty much the only town within an hour of where I live that I hadn’t down a coffee crawl through – Aldgate.  A quick Google/Urbanspoon/Beanhunter/BestAussieCoffee/CremaBestCafes/DecafSucks search indicated that (a) not many people had ever gone to Aldgate in search of just coffee, and (b) those that had, had only gone to one of two places – and this one was the most popular.

It is a gorgeous setting – the photo taken towards the backdoor of the Providore which faces the carpark – fronting the main road is the food side of the business, specialising in much locally grown and processed produce, and in the back in the café, which is licenced with full menu. Plenty of seating both inside, outside and upstairs – this is a great place to stop if you find yourself in the hills and in need of a coffee. You can tell them that I sent you – but that will just be met with a blank stare of incomprehension – because they have no idea of who I am 😉

Latte Quality – Excellent – although the foam was a little coarse (large bubbles) the coffee itself was very nice – smooth, and with subtle hints of the tastes in the ristretto 

Ristretto Quality – Good – very short, but had a great warming effect, with ainseed overtones that lingered.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular size latte.  $3.00 for ristretto

Coffee SupplierRio Coffee – a special blend made especially for them

Milk – Pura

Fair Trade – No mention but Rio do a very nice Fairtrade ORGANIC ETHIOPIAN SIDAMO

Customer Service –  – …had a great chat with the head waitress about her experience in the New Zealand coffee industry with Atomica – and when I headed back to the counter looking for something to eat, I had three people ask at once if they could help me. I settled on a very yummy white chocolate brownie with hazelnuts and mulberries (heaven!)

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – Yes – this was a Saturday afternoon on a bright sunny spring day in school holidays, and while it was busy it wan’t distractingly so.  Be warned (or encouraged) that they are also known for their live music.

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  1. This is a good post I loved it.

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