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New Page – The Locations

If you are at all like me and often can’t be bothered scrolling through the archives of a blog – just on the off chance that there may be something interesting there – which would of course make us completely useless as side kicks or assistants to the Indiana Jones type adventurers….I think I have veered slightly of course there, my apologies.

I have created a new page for those who like to see where I have been, without having to go on a quest to do so.  Click on ‘The Locations’ page above to be taken to a list of the 85 Coffee places that have been reviewed since May 2009.  In truth I was a bit disappointed to find that I had only reviewed 85, and not the magical 100 or more – especially considering that there are more than 150 posts on this blog – which just goes to show how much rubbish I write when not drinking enough coffee – case in point – the length of this entry which was just designed to highlight the new page, but has now degenerated into the ramblings of a sleep deprived 30 something who is hesitant to check the live score update on the NBL website, so as not to cause the 36er’s to loose – because my checking would cause this – it has nothing to do with the fact that….oh, never mind.

New pageThe Locations – lists all the coffee places by region – hope it is helpful – not completely unlike this entry….

Adelaide Coffee

Adelaide Coffee – the blog

If you haven’t found what you were looking for on my blog – make sure you follow the link and check out Adelaide Coffee by Bobby.  He says:

A coffee a week for the next year in and around Adelaide. The easy bit is the drinking of the coffee, actually, not it’s not, some places may have me wishing I ain’t came, but others i’ll no doubt love what they do. This blog is simply about the coffee I drink at any place thats makes them. I’ll mostly be having 2 coffee’s – a cappuccino and a ristretto, one milk based, one not. Having these 2 coffee’s will give a good indication on the skill, knowledge, professionalism of the barista.

As a side note, please don’t soley rely on what I have said in the writeups, go and visit the cafe for yourself.

The most recent review is on “Coffee By The Beans” at Lockleys. Like me, Bobby is not paid for comments, nor do we accept free coffee in exchange for positive reviews – it is all our experience.

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