Xpress-O on Flinders – Adelaide, SA

281 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

I haven’t been getting out much recently – and with Advent/Christmas rapidly approaching the opportunities to get out and get caffeinated are going to be few and far between.  However, earlier this week after making a hospital visit at the Wakefield, I decided it was time to grab a coffee and read a book.  I considered, for all of half a second, just grabbing a coffee at Hudsons which is in the hospital building – but then decided to venture further a field – but for some reason went to Flinder’s Street and not to Hutt. Xpress-O on Flinders – with signs showing where it is from Hutt Street, is a comfortable looking little cafe, snack and take away bar which I am sure services a few of the local businesses – and indeed at around 2pm was around half full.  However, after my experience – I will not be going back – in fact, if I find myself in the area again – I’ll go to Hudsons!

Latte Quality – Passable (but only just) – as you can see in the picture, the foam is full of HUGE bubbles – and it tasted ordinary. 

Cost – $3.20 for a latte

Coffee Supplier – Vittoria

Fairtrade – No indication

Customer Service –  – would have been less painful and awkward to make it myself;  I should have walked out as I waited long enough to get served. The the barista flatly refused to acknowledge my presence until someone else came in from the back and then she (the barista) was in such a foul mood – ignoring me even while dumping my latte at my table (I always say thank you and try to engage in coffee conversation), and then she spilled my neighbour’s flat white without so much as an apology…

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – For a Quiet chat and/or deep and meaningful this place is probably ok – it was quiet enough – just make sure you pop round the corner to Hudson’s and get a take away coffee.

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  1. I beg to differ! We are regular customers at Xpress-O on Flinders! As you said it was half full mid afternoon ( and usually is!!) and that was because we always get unfailing friendly and personalised service.

    We have no complaints about the coffee either, and the price of the LATTE IS $3.50 (please note correct spelling.

    Maybe The Rev was just having a bad day!!!

  2. Thanks for your comments Larissa – you are more than welcome to differ – no need to beg. One of the reasons for this blog is so that people can engage in dialogue about their coffee experiences. (although a better place – with a far larger readership – would be at the Beanhunter.com – but thanks for reading!)

    I am glad that you have experienced great service at Xpress-O On Flinders – unfortunately my experience back in November – when I paid only $3.20 for my latte – was bad. It is the subjective nature of a coffee blog – and the really good coffee places offer consistent, friendly service whether you are a local (like you are) or a one time visitor.

    And while I do have bad days – don’t we all? (although not bad hair days anymore – those days have passed me by) – that day was a good one.

    As a point of interest – what was the “(please note correct spelling” in reference too? While I am certainly not regarded as the world’s best speller (my wife tells me I am appalling) – which word in particular did you have a problem with? Other than caffinated (which I have since changed) my spell checker said it was all fine. But again – thanks for reading 😉

  3. You are welcome Rev-the spelling error was just in reference to “latte” spelt “late” in your blog.

    I think one of the difficulties in a small business being absolutely consistent, is when staff have to perform several roles in order to keep the costs down. With “Xpress-O’ being primarily a sandwich and lunch bar, maybe the usual coffee machine operators did not serve you that day, as we have always found the owners to be very fussy about service and unfailingly friendly which is why we alway go back there and this is why I wanted to leave my comments too.

  4. I have been going to Xpress-O on Flinders for nearly 8 years and overall have found great service and coffee. I also appreciate that this is not always possible, but nothing in life is. One day everything goes great, another if falls off the wayside, that’s life. Having a bit of tolerance in those days when Its not going right, knowing that overall , I have great coffee, excellence service and a bit of a chit chat 🙂

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