Espresso Royale – Magill, SA

357 Magill Road, St Morris, ‎ SA,  5068

I have been wanting to visit Espresso Royale (don’t you just love the way they spell Espresso…??) since my very first ristretto at The Pantry – I know! – Not what you thought I’d write – but [wait for it] Espresso Royale is the home of speciality coffee roaster Trevor De Groot – whose company, along with Bernadette Stack, supplies the beans to The Pantry on Egmont – hence the connection.  On Tuesday, with my hospital visit over and my horrible experience of another coffee still littering my pallette – I thought “before my wife calls to come collect her – I’ll just duck out to St Morris for a quality coffee” 10 mins later – I was kind of there.

The first problem I had was finding the place – as there is literally nothing from the road that says “Espresso Royale” – there is the greenish blue a-frame sign which you see in the picture, but it gives little away.  The second problem which I had to solve before the first was parking our ‘recently returned from the crash repairers’ car – NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR ON MAGILL ROAD – unless you are pro amateur car remodelling at 50km/hr. Car parked in a side street, and using my iPhone’s GPS – I eventually discovered that the place with the red verandah and greenish-blue sign was in fact the legendary place itself.

The inside is tiny, yet comfortable – succeeding to be funky and eclectic, yet still 1960s kitchenish (I wonder how many words I have invented in the life of this blog?) – in a way that the original Bar 9 completely missed.  You can purchase recently roasted De Groot coffee on the shelf – if you like what you tasted – and have brought cash – no plastic here my friend – except for the table tops – see below!

Now to the coffee itself….

Latte Quality – Lattastic! –  it was smooth, and creamy and actually came with some latte art – you’d be surprised at how often this doesn’t happen!

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – dark, rich, sticky and sweet – with strong licorice and aniseed flavours – the  beans came from East Timor.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular size latte.  $3.00 for ristretto

Coffee SupplierDe Groot Coffee Co

MilkBD Paris Creek (Fleurieu Peninsula) – Biodynamic Milk

Fair Trade – Yes – and proudly so – click HERE for more details

Customer Service –  – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it;  She (the barista and only staff member there) wasn’t unfriendly – it was just that she was not interested in who I was or why I was there or why I ordered a ristretto or why I asked where the beans came from or whether I would ever come back.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – Yes to all of them – but would largely depend on how many people were there at the time.  No outside seating this suitable for ministry purposes – but a great place nonetheless just for a coffee.

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  1. I s’pose there are only so many people you can be interested in.. 😉

    • You’re right of course Daniela – I wondered if I was being a bit harsh – but it was a feature that distinguished this experience from those of Paddy’s Lantern, Coffee by the Bean and the Pantry on Egmont to name a few.

  2. Have been back to Paddy’s Lantern quite a few times now since reading your love love their coffee !

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