Blu C Cafe – Christies Beach, SA

1/13 Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA, 5165

Location, location, location – potential, potential, potenial – I mean check out the view from the café – uninterrupted ocean views of Spencer Gulf, a beautiful park with playground – the inside of the Blu C Cafe was nice – but that is about all the good things I can say.  And I don’t like to be negative – do a search on ‘Bad’ from the TAGS – and see what I mean.

Latte Quality – Bad – it was just…bad. My wife made me throw it away because of how much I complained about it.  For starters – the milk was already in the jug from who knows how long ago – being that I waited f0r 10 minutes and the customers already served had cool drinks…then the frothing wand on the machine was dirty – covered in dry milk from previous use – the milk was frothed then sat aside while the shot was poured – again, coffee was already ground in the hopper.  Check out the bubbles on the latte – photo before first sip.

Cost – $4.00 for regular

Coffee Supplier – Monjava Coffee

Fairtrade – No indication

Customer Service –    – acknowledged my presence and value as a carbon based entity – but not much more;  there was an employee at the counter when I walk in – she looked at me coming and left to go on a break – she came back twice to see if I was still waiting and then returned to her break. The other employee who also saw me enter, but went out the back on the other side of the shop, only came back in after I had rang the bell on the counter, twice.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – As I said – the location and the potential of this place is just awesome – but bring your own coffee – or (dare I say it) go to Jamaica Blue or Gloria Jeans at Colonnades first.

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  1. Never trust a dirty wand! Walk out.

    • your a toffy nose clearly extremly board with life to go that in to that amount of detail over a coffee your a helmet i know the owner luke and all you had to do was ask for him and if what you say is true he would of shouted you and your wife a meal and fired the lazy little girls that work the dude be constructive and maybe your life wouldn’t suck so much hahahaha

  2. your a looser dude get a life or a hobby of a women so u don’t have to act like one

  3. hey Garnis, at the end of the day the Buck stops with yoour mate the owner for not training his staff. If i walked in and asked what sort of training they have had it would not suprise me to hear that the owner showed them… Sorry but poor staff are an indication of Poor Leadership and Management.

  4. Garnis, it is a coffee review blog he is meant to go into this much detail!

    • Mark, Wayne Calvert here, you would not happen to be the same Mark Stevens from Paradise I went to youth group with?

  5. well supply a constructive comment and advise the owner, give him the chance fix the problem before you splash your toffy la de da comments on the web all i know it that i go there daily and i love the food, coffee and the girls that work there you get a more personal service at it creates a nice surrounding and who gives a bleep about the grammar your a tool

  6. Garnis, you need to understand that 90% of customers will not say anything to the establishment that serves a poor coffee. Honestly by the look of the photo (having the crema all full of bubbles) it is clear that the staff have had no training and to charge $4 for a coffee of that standard is very extreme. Being a NSW Barista Comp Sensory Judge we have Specialty Coffee Establishments here serving competition grade coffee at $3.50 for a regular coffee.

    There is now doubt that as the price of coffee continues to go up to the $5 mark in the next few years that establishments will be judged by the everyday consumer. what this blog is saying is correct and you should get your friend to read it and take it on board and think about getting a brand of coffee in their shop where the Brand will pay attention to the training of your friends staff as the quality of their output either helps or pulls down the coffee suppliers brand.

    • Thanks for your comments Wayne – just a random question – are you associated at all with Convex Econic Sustainable Packaging?

      • Thx, Yes that is me. I run all of the coffee packaging Australia Wide for Convex. Also you would know me as @caramelcalvert on twitter from retweets. Been loving your posts as I grew up in AdelaIde till I was 30 then moved to Sydney.

        Its been great to see some of Adelaide getting onto the specialty coffee wave.

  7. I wondered after reading almost identical posts on the Facebook page and here. Thanks for engaging with my blog – coffee (along with my faith) is a passion, and I have enjoyed the discipline of reviewing (subjectively of course) coffee shops – in actual fact – the idea for this blog was the Rev. Mark Stevens – so your old mate can take the credit.

    The speciality coffee scene in Adelaide has really taken off in the last 12 months – Bar 9, the Barun, Paddy’s, Red Berry, A Mother’s Milk, Pure Espresso, Coffee By The Beans, Coffee Branch – we are so very lucky – and more come on line every week (almost).

    Did you make it to MICE2012?

  8. Bhahahahaha this just gets better! Wayne I will email you. What a small world it is! And all thanks to guy who disagreed with The Rev!

    • The Rev.. Yes I was assisting Coffee Logic with all of the SCAA training for cupping, roasting and triangulation courses at MICE. I was going to do Sensory Judging but took a decision to work in more closely with SCAA Training.

      Mark.. Looking fwd to your email. If you are still in Adelaide will be great to catch up next time I am there.

    • Absolutely Mark! Only 2 more hits needed today and we have set a new record. I suspect that Douglas Adams was correct….

      I’ll email you tomorrow to see if you have any time on Wednesday morning for a coffee – I need to be in the city for some mentoring.

  9. Hey Wayne, did you get my email? I wanted to check that you have a .au on the end of your gmail address. let me know.

  10. Garnis, if you hadn’t done a reply and raised this to prominence your mate would have had another customer today. I’m prepared to give someone a go and see for myself, but your comments put me off and we went somewhere else instead. That’s $50 you’ve lost for your mate. The thing is that if you open a business it’s up to you to make sure you know your business, your market place, your product and your staff. Every person who enters the place will judge and their judgement on the place will be spread word of mouth which is much more damaging than a blog. Every business is open to review at any time in any media. That’s just the way it is. Owners can either accept critique or question it politely and make changes if they think its fair. But there’s no need for you to get abusive or aggressive about it. Also accept that for some of us there is more to coffee than that fact that it is beige and has froth and chocolate on top, and we will always be looking for the decent cup of coffee. If your mate isn’t up to the challenge, then he either needs to get his employees sorted or go into a different business.

    • here her Ken….

      • your loss mate!! i was there most of the day and night today and it was full and to be honest i think he could do without your type in the venue. Like i said before your clearly one of those nob end that will never be happy so insert that $50 in your arse because when i show him this shit he may or may not agree with me but he won’t be mad go and introduce yourself and see what he has to say to you tool

  11. Do you work there, or hang around for free coffee and food? Seriously dude, before you put your two bobs worth in, hardly anyone had read the review. Now it’s getting read heaps, and the word of mouth will grow as well. Your inability to let it go has caused more damage than a critical review on a blog would have done by itself. Perhaps you could tell your mate that fact. Its a coffee review blog for crissake, and as such, if the coffee isn’t good in the opinion of the reviewer then they will say so. The answer is quality control. Not getting abusive online. You are doing his reputation more damage than the review ever did.

  12. Looks like a top location.

    Lets hope the owners work on these very fixable problems. Not all businesses can benefit from direct feedback – most are left wondering where they went wrong.

    Basic Barista school training should take care of most of the issues, technique at the group head is just as important as general business and customer service techniques. I wish you the best.

    Oh, and G’Day to Wayne 😉

    • Hi James, (Bay Beans)
      Great to see you found this blog.
      It is a top blog, nice and exciting and passionate…
      Would still love to try and catch up with you next time I am in Newcastle if you have some time.

  13. Due to the offensive nature of the latest comment by ‘garnis’ – it has been removed.

    • Hi rev

      My name is Luke burns, I am the current owner/chef the blu c cafe. I am completely speechless in the comments and filth going on this review blig. I cannot apologize enough for my former friends (adam Richards) aka garnis comments on the above matter. Please accept my apology and invitation for a breakfast, lunch, dinner which ever you prefer on me so I can extend a formal apology. You comments about the coffee is very much appreciated and fully take them on board. I was informed by adam today as he was laughing thinking he was doing me a favour when in fact as you mentioned in this blog a few times. Adam is no longer welcome at this cafe and I would love it if you gave us another chance. Feel free to call me direct anytime on 0430191955 to arrange a time and day that best suits you and your wife.

      Kind regards
      Luke burns

  14. Top stuff Luke well done,
    Very professional

  15. Thank you for your comments Luke, well done. No one needs that Bogan carry on. I’ll give the coffee another go.

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