The Espresso Room – Adelaide, SA

57 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000

My second stop for the day, after a glorious breakfast at The Pantry on Egmont, was The Espresso Room – a place I became aware of after it (they) friended me on Facebook earlier this year.  Situated on Adelaide’s North Terrace, adjacent the Adelaide West Campus of Uni SA (my alma mater) and across the road from the future Royal Adelaide Hospital Precinct, this place has potential written all over it.

Making good use of the more than 100 year old terrace house, The Espresso Room takes pride in its coffee – sourcing its beans from the Coffee Barun out at Sefton Park, and has a quality barista (whose name I have forgotten – but was known by Junko the award winning barista at the other place I ventured too for coffee – see above) who knew his art and took pride in his work.

Plenty of seating is available both inside – taking up many of the original rooms – and outside, both in the front behind glass as per the picture, and out the back in a beer (perhaps that should be coffee) garden atmosphere which leads directly into the Uni campus behind.  But now to the all important review:

Latte Quality – Excellent – although the foam was a little coarse (large bubbles – see picture) the coffee itself was very, very nice – smooth, and with a single rosetta – which I had managed to mess up with a sip before photographing my drink.  As I was chatting to him, sipping my Ristretto – he poured a tripple rosetta for the order before mine….

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – no photo as I drank it at the gorgeous La Marzocco chatting with the barista and the owner – both of whom were very friendly guys.  The flavour in the ristretto was rich and earthy with delicate citrus finish.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular size latte.  $3.00 for ristretto

Coffee SupplierThe Coffee Barun – house blend.

Milk – Tweedvale

Fair Trade – No mention but the Barun do a very nice Fairtrade

Customer Service –  – …both guys were very friendly – with the barista noting my reading material “God in a Cup” and guessing I was a #coffeegeek – and the owner who joined the conversation, after talking about the great location and the future potential, inviting me to a latte art competition hosted by Ian over at Bar 9.  If only I didn’t live in a galaxy far, far away….

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – Yes – although during semester the place would be pretty busy – but with plenty of seating available, it shouldn’t be a problem – the trick is finding an affordable carpark nearby.

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