Red Berry Espresso – Glenside, SA

1A L’Estrange Street, Glenside,  SA, 5065

‘Twas the night before a few days before Christmas…and I was checking my Twitter account when I discovered I had a new follower (with only 40 or so – I notice every new one) from a mysterious (meaning I had never heard of them before) company called ‘Red Berry Espresso’ – and so – as we polite tweeters are known to do – I tweeted back ‘Thanks for the follow – and where are you?’  The following morning a reply came, with an address – and I added Red Berry Espresso to my ‘MUST VISIT’ List.

As luck would have it – my wife needed to go to Adelaide to conclude the Christmas Seafood Shopping that very day – and due to the heat and potential stress of the situation asked me to drive her and the two boys – after a quick consideration, I agreed on the proviso that I get to check out one coffee shop on the way home – they reluctantly agreed.

After purchasing big from Angelakis Brothers – I headed the few streets down Greenhill Road from BV Darling – to check out – Red Berry Espresso.

Red Berry Espresso is one back from Greenhill Road and is almost like a self contained hole in the wall – in the middle of a carpark – but it does, beyond the shaded outdoor seating, have a front door, and some comfortable chairs/tables inside.  Once inside I met Walter – owner, barista, cyclist and coffee afficianardo – who had only opened the place seven days previously.  I also met and admired his gorgeous assistant – a brand spanking new SanRemo Verona TS in Pearl White, which looked like it was convertible sports car lost in time from the 1950s, just waiting for Arthur Fonzerelli to snap his fingers and say “hehhhhhhhhh.” Walter roasts all his own beans, under the Red Berry Espresso label – and has plans afoot to include a roaster on the floor of his shop, so that customers can see the hypnotic action that brings them forth the espresso goodness.  And now, to the coffee review…

Latte Quality – Lattastic! – the second in as many reviews!  Serving a single origin Costa Rican – this was a complex coffee that reminded me (only metaphorically) of a Raindow Paddlepop.  The aroma was second to none across my 150 or so reviews – my non-coffee drinking wife, was even attracted by the smell, and took a sip – she was impressed!  With each taste, the Costa Rican seemed to reveal more – with hints of cinnamon, aniseed and summer melon – until my wife got sick of me going on and on about how good this was.

Ristretto Quality – Good – Walter wasn’t happy with his first go, so he went again – and while looking and feeling great – it was really hard to get a good handle on it as it came in a cardboard take-away cup.  But what I did get was a ristretto that was thick and rich, smooth and syrupy, very sweet with a wonderful citrus acidity that followed.  I can’t wait to have one in porcelain. The next time I go – I will bring a book, take a seat and photograph the drinks.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular sized take away latte and  $3.20 for ristretto

Coffee Supplier – Red Berry Espresso – while the twitter account does link to a website, it is not functional yet.

Fair Trade – No mention in-store that I could see.

Customer Service –  – Walter was great – very friendly and engaging and passionate about the future of the speciality coffee industry in Adelaide, and of course about Red Berry Espresso.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – Yes to all of these – but I suspect that once word gets out, it may become a busy little place – especially being so close to the new Movies Studios down the road…

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  1. You said you got the ristretto in a takeway cup, they dont have porcelin cups?

    • Walter does have the appropriate cups – it was just an order confusion – I asked for a Ristretto and a Latte to take-away. What I meant was a Ristretto to have in, and a latte to go – I put it down to the place only being seven days old.

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