Coffee Branch – Adelaide, SA

32 Leigh Street, Adelaide CBD, SA, 5000

 Not sure how long the Coffee Branch has been open for – but for quite awhile it has been the place of legend.  Even amongst the quality baristas that are popping up all around the city, they speak of the coffee experience at ‘the branch’ in hushed, awestruck tones…and finally – much like Bilbo on his way to Smaug’s Mountain – I made it to Coffee Branch.

Nestled in a ‘hole in the wall’ on the very trendy Leigh Street (complete with tree growing out of a Volkwagon Beetle – I kid you not) – this is one of Adelaide’s premium speciality coffee houses – it even has bicycles hanging on the wall – that is how premium it is!!  What you can’t see from the photo – just off to the left – is a ‘gate’ style architectural feature which will remind worldly travellers of a poor man’s ‘Nottinghill Gate’ – or similar, that you will find dotted all over London.

I arrived at 10:45am on a working Wednesday – and the line was still out the door.  I had been warned not to arrive in the peak hours of before work, lunch time, smoko, and after work – because the line is ridiculous – but I was surprised, and yet at the same time not – that the line was still out there. Once getting in the line, it took of all three minutes to get to the front and place my order – and I ventured out back into the tree lined street to commandeer one of the tables (there are only 2 of them) – there is some bench seating inside and a few tables at the back – but I suspect that most of their business is take away.

I thought to myself, based on previous experiences in 2012 – that this could take awhile – so I, checked into Foursquare, opened my book and before I got to the bottom of the first paragraph (about 3 minutes) my latte was being delivered – and soon after that, my ristretto…

Latte Quality – Lattastic! – a really brilliant coffee to start the day – and hats off to the Branch for delivering the latte first.  As as aside – the Parson in his Patch would be happy to know that I agree with him!!  As you can see from the photo – it came with some art – feeling the love already – tight micro foam – and a gorgeous sweet caramel flavour with hints of English Toffee.

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – pretty much on par with the best I have had in Adelaide – it looked pretty watery in the cup, but in reality it was the perfect syrup – rich and sweet with tastes edging on burnt butter and golden syrup.

Cost – $3.40 for a regular size latte.  $3.00 for ristretto

Coffee Supplier – 5 Senses

Fair Trade – No mention specifically of Fair Trade – however 5 Senses do sell Fair Trade blends. 

Customer Service –  – memorable – you talk about this place – considering how busy they were, the guy who took my order was also the guy who delivered my coffee – and while not the barista – when I asked him what beans I was drinking, he was quick to tell me that my latte was the house blend, of PNG & Costa Rican and that my ristretto was a single origin Colombian Monserrate.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – If you can get a table outside and you can concentrate as a sea if people reminiscent of the exodus walk and que past you – than by all means use the branch as a study location.  Easily a place suitable for a chat – just make sure you choose your time wisely.  But if you just want a fantastic coffee – get in line now!

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  1. That ristretto looks just awesome.
    i’m drooling.
    sorry for that.

    It simply looks how a ristretto should be

    i’m still drooling.

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