Delish Espresso – Adelaide, SA

195 Victoria Square, Adelaide CBD, SA 5000

Located in the centre of the city, facing the generally beautiful Victoria Square (at this time of year it resembles a fancy smancy caravan park – with all the tents and temporary buildings of the Tour Down Under) Delish Espresso is the last in a line of cafés that begin at the Franklin Street end and create a wall of caffeinated opportunities heading south. What sets Delish apart is also what drew me to them in my search for quality coffee, is that they are the only one NOT sporting some kind of large coffee roasting company paraphernalia on their store, umbrellas and bollards.

A fairly small establishment, with plenty of outdoor seating (6 tables outside, 2 inside) – Delish is run by Barista Marcus Clarke (I assume NOT of the State Bank) and when I was there – his Mum – serving ’boutique coffee’ and light lunches to the many suits (lawyers, bankers, journalists and politicians) that frequent the area.  My order was quickly received – after the possibility of a ristretto was confirmed with Marcus –  the ultimate of espresso beverages does not appear on the menu board – and I took my seat amidst the ambience of the poplar shaded alfresco area to wait.  In less than 2 minutes, Marcus had brought my coffees to the table and when asked about his coffee blend, he told me that he blends his own beans, sourced from 5 Senses.

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – Good texture, but a bit light in colour (compare and contrast with photo from Coffee Branch – both using 5 Senses – although different origin we assume) – with some interesting flavours which reminded me of nectarine and other unidentifiable summer fruits.

Latte Quality – Good – under a very, very dense foam that was sporting a tulip design, was a subtle coffee – bland when following the ristretto – but well made nonetheless.  I found it hard to identify any specific flavours, other than coffee.

Cost – $3.90 for the latte (pricey – but it came in the mug – not what I ordered though) $3.00 for the ristretto

Coffee Supplier – 5 Senses – blended inhouse by barista.

Fair Trade – No mention specifically of Fair Trade – however 5 Senses do sell Fair Trade blends.

Customer Service –  – average – what you come to expect.  Marcus delivered my coffee where I was able to ask him about his beans and blend.  The contents of his blend were not forthcoming, but I got the impression that even if I had pressed him, he would not have given up the secret.  

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – probably all of these.  I was there just before lunch, and it was pretty quite.  More than half the tables were vacant, although if you do decide to sit outside – with is lovely – be prepared to consume vast amounts of carbon monoxide from the traffic and second hand smoke from those with a death wish.  I had almost forgotten how horrible it is to have smokers all around – but there they were.  There in an Internode Wifi hotspot somewhere near by, which my iPhone hooked into – which could be handy.

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