Blefari Caffe & Cucina – Adelaide, SA

182 Victoria Square, Adelaide CBD, SA 5000

As I walked around the Adelaide CBD last week, it seriously blew me away hour many cafés and speciality coffee places are around the place. If you decided to work your way through the city, starting at one end of North Terrace and systematically working your way down and up every street, and lane – it would seriously take you a year (especially if you wanted to sleep at some stage….perhaps an idea for a future blog??).  I had heard of Blefari, only because I have been hounding the guys at Veneziano about when the ‘First Pour Adelaide’ will be opening on Melbourne Street – and they told me, in the mean time, to check out this place.

Located on the ground floor of the ‘Flinders University’ building – or at least that is what the sign on the roof says; I thought it was one of the Premier’s Department buildings – Bleflari looks like your typical ground floor of an office building café come cafeteria – and I guess, I considering that is what they are – then they hit the mark.  If you can get a table outside, either looking across the road at Pilgrim Uniting, or at the grassy knoll on Victoria Square – then the quality of the ambience increases ten fold.

I ventured in around 1:30pm and the place was busy – all tables but one inside were full – but service was quick and efficient – and I was soon at my outside table, book in hand enjoying the sunshine. The coffees arrived in around 3 minutes – which is super fast, and the guy who delivered them was able to fill me in, in what I was about to drink.

Just in case you were wondering what a ‘Cucina’ is – well according to an Italian to English Translator it is a “noun –  kitchen; cooker, stove; cookery, cuisine” – hopefully that helps.

Ristretto Quality – Good – certainly not a subtle drink – it was HUGE, thick and syrupy. Tastes were of Dutch Licorice and very dark chocolate.  As I sat there in its aftermath, the following text came to mind…“It says that the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, the effect of which is like having your brains smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.”  That is kind of what it was like….

Latte Quality – Excellent – although following on from the power of the Ristretto, this drink was soft and tender.  It reminded me – in a sensory way, not so much on taste – as a cup of Nanna’s white tea, served at about 3:30pm in the afternoon – comfortable.  There was a citrus hint to this one, although the chocolate that was promised, I was unable to detect.

Cost – $3.50 Latte, $3.00 Ristretto

Coffee Supplier – Veneziano Coffee

Fair Trade – No mention that I could see – although the menu board was pretty busy. Veneziano do do a Pure Fairtrade Organic coffee. 

Customer Service – – average – pretty much what you would expect – the guy who delivered my coffee was able to tell me what I was about to drink.  It was their ‘house blend’ which is the award winning ‘Forza‘ blend. Similarly to my criticism of PURE the other day – when it is a possibility, I think the person behind the counter should give the customer the opportunity to order a single origin, or two – rather than assuming that everyone knows and understands how coffee houses work – and what the additional costs will be.  It was not until after I had placed my order and had the time to read the complete board – that I discovered the other options.  Similarly to how Fast Food joints always want to know if you want fries with that – how about coffee places asking which beans you would like?  Too much??

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – I guess it all depends on whether Blefari has a quiet period of the day or not – they were certainly busy when I was there – but there is always the option of grabbing some coffee to go, and sitting on the lawns of Victoria Square for some reading or conversation – of perhaps ducking across the road and making use of the resources at Pilgrim Uniting Church.

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