Coffee Scene – Kinetic Typography

I have heard this conversation standing in line before – in those days when I thought franchise coffee was the way to go.  This is Kinetic Typography of the “coffee scene” in the movie Role Models (starring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott) by SteveReevesArtist – pinched from coffee funk.


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  1. thank you for your reply vincent. looking back on my comments they seem a bit harsh. lol! i have heard these reasons for charging before. but. some absorb the cost for customer relations. some don’t. i just have to ‘suck it up’. eheh. it’s just a little beef with me.

    sometimes it feels like the equivalent of ordering vegan food in a steak house. are we that much of a minority that we are considered pains in the a$$es. (laugh)
    a coffee shop owner told me they were thinking of phasing out decaf and soy, as it was too much trouble. seriously!??. pfft..

    aaaanyway. happy sipping 🙂

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