Caffeteca Espresso and Panini Bar – North Adelaide, SA

53 Tynte Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

I am not sure how happy I am with this place.  It has nothing to do with the coffee – which is great (see below) – it has more to do with their timing.  For four years, I worked in an office literally across the street from them – and back then, Caffetecca was a continental deli – if it has been this great little cafe back then – perhaps my coffee addiction would have started years earlier. Situated on the corner of Margaret Street – about half way down Tynte towards the hills – Caffetecca – is quickly building a good reputation for quality coffee and great panini – although I have only had the coffee.  Perched on a high stool, in the window seat I was able to enjoy my latte and ristretto while taking in views of my old red bricked office – and the people who were out and about enjoying the Adelaide Cup day sunshine.

Latte Quality – Lattastic – when it was first presented to me – my hopes faded of a good first coffee.  As you can see in the picture, there are some seriously large bubbles around the edge of the glass, indicating that the steaming process wasn’t completed as you would expect. However, after the first taste it was all forgotten with a sweet dark chocolate infusion which made for a wonderful first coffee of the day.

Ristretto Quality – ok – nothing wrong with the technique – but the blend was just too bold and brassy to work as a pure espresso – much better as a milk coffee.

Cost – $3.50 Latte, $3.20 Ristretto

Coffee Supplier – D’Angelo Coffee

Fair Trade – No mention that I could see in store or on either website.

Customer Service – – memorable – you talk about this place – this is how everyone should be, but few are – it was good to be served by an owner who cared about their product and was happy to talk about it.  The staff at Caffeteca are a great addition to the Adelaide Speciality Coffee Scene.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – It probably depends on how busy this place gets. I was there pretty close to lunch time on a public holiday and while busy – it was not full. The fusion jazz that was being played was nice, but I am pretty sure I read the same paragraph more than once.  Still – this place is close enough to the parklands that you could grab a latte and a panini and find a nice shady tree…

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