Çikolatte – North Adelaide, SA

133 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Finding Çikolatte was a total fluke.  I went looking for two other coffee hotspots on Melbourne street – neither of which I could find even after two slow drives down its length – although I did managed to located UR Cafe after a long walk – however it was closed on the public holiday – but not Çikolatte. Located not that far from the now derelict ‘Loose Goose’ – Adelaide winner of My Restaurant Rules (remember that blast from the past?) – heading east towards the hills – Çikolatte – according to its bollards and signage, was just the place I was looking for.  For lunch time on a public holiday it was about half full – offering your typical range of lunch time fare (wraps, focacias, etc.) to go with their hot & cold speciality drinks – the atmosphere was nice, the decor comfortable.  There were three tables outside under the verandah – but, due to my English complexion, I stuck with my table by the window (and as it turned out – I think also by the toilet door….).

Similar to the situation with Bobby over at Adelaide Coffee – I ordered a latte and a ristretto (not checking the menu – as a ristretto is now a standard coffee drink) and I got asked the question whether I wanted a ristretto latte…somewhat confused, I tried to clarify by indicating that would like a latte and then a ristretto.  All sorted then, I sat down and my ristretto came first….

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – it looked ok, perhaps a bit short on the crema – but it had an impact.  This little coffee had a WOW factor that I hadn’t had since the Coffee Branch.  However, when I tried to write down why it was a WOW – I got nothing.  I couldn’t describe it – it was just WOW.  Take that however you like….

Latte Quality – Good – following the ristretto, it was always going to suffer.  It was a weak coffee – could see that by the colour – while technically good (noticed the tight micro bubbles – vs. the large ones on the latte from Caffeteca) it reminded me – for some crazy reason – of grapefruit (not even sure that is a valid coffee flavour) and by the end of the glass, I was reminded of cold winter days at Christian conferences trying to drink instant coffee out of white polystyrene cups….(more a memory that a flavour though – perhaps I was having a strange day….)

Cost – $3.30 Latte, $3.00 Ristretto

Coffee Supplier – Ottoman Blend by Kicco Coffee

Fair Trade – No mention that I could see in store or on either website.

Customer Service – – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it;

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – It probably depends on how busy this place gets. I was there pretty close to lunch time on a public holiday and while busy – it was not full. The music inside was quite – the tables large enough to spread out on – and it had free wireless Internet supplied by the Adelaide City Council and Internode.

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