Taylor blend – Stoneyfell, SA

1/34 Hallett Road, Stoneyfell, SA, 5066

Taylor Blend was one of the very first speciality coffee places recommended to me to review when I started this blog – and after nearly three years and 99 other coffee reviews, I finally made it.  Yes – for those who are good at maths, this is my 100th coffee review – congratulations to me, and congratulations to Taylor Blend for making the 100th review such a [spoiler alert] positive experience.  Nestled in the leafy green, well to do suburb of Stonyfell, Taylor blend is exactly what you’d want and expect from a speciality coffee place.  It is inviting, comfortable, spacious – has a great outlook, friendly staff, skilled staff, coffee conscious staff – and other than it being out of the way – it is up there with my other favourite locations.

Latte Quality – Lattastic! – it is not very often that you get latte art on your take away – but before the lid went on, there it was – a tulip.  Using the secret house ‘Taylor blend’ coffee – which we surmised most likely had a good amount of PNG in there, and perhaps some Nicaraguan – and I suspect a small amount of Yirgacheffe  – this was a ‘traditional’ Italian styled coffee (ironic, I know) – full bodied and easy to drink.  In fact a great way to describe it would be ‘smooth’ – but that could also be a reflection on the Tweedvale milk.

Ristretto Quality – Excellent – no photo because I was so wrapped up in the process of making it.  Rather that it being done via the LaMarzocco espresso machine, it was suggested that we use the Piston Press for the best ristretto – so down the counter we went, past the cold drip to the Piston Press, where a new bag of The Coffee Barun’s single origin ‘Costa Rican micro mill’ was opened – and we ristretoed away. Taking a little longer than the machine, the Piston made an impressive ristretto – looking near perfect and bringing out of the coffee a blood orange flavour and a salted caramel.  It was awesome.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular size latte  takeaway.  $3.00 for ristretto

Coffee Supplier – Taylor Blend (house) and The Coffee Barun (piston press)

Fair Trade – No mention in-store that I could see – however, the Coffee Barun to offer  Fairtrade/Rainforest Alliance beans.

Customer Service –  –  freaking awesome – I’m going to nominate them for Australian of the Year – I would keep coming back, even if they switched to International Rust and an ern (not really, but you get the drift) – if it weren’t for their calling into the coffee industry, they should be teaching customer service…. While they were only comfortably busy (perhaps half full) – both baristas were friendly and you could tell they enjoyed their job.  When I had placed my order, the other barista (not behind the espresso LaMarzocco) suggested that he do the ristretto on the Piston Press as it makes a better ristretto.  I was impressed.  This is the 100th coffee place I have been reviewed in South Australia and Victoria, and this is the very first time I have had anyone suggest that I try one of the alternative coffee methods – despite visiting a number of boutique coffee joints who plug their multiple delivery systems.  And the results were spectacular.  I was even invited to come behind the counter and take a look at the piston machine and how it worded – brilliant!  If I was not having to meet my family at a medical appointment (and also that it was a work day – and my 12 hours of work didn’t actually get to begin until 4:30pm, what with the specialist running nearly 2 hours behind schedule….groan) I would have opened my bible and done some solid sermon prep in the alfresco area at the front.  In the words of Arnie – “I’ll be back!”

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – Yes to all of these – but when busy, you may want to get a take away and perhaps find a nice spot in the adjacent national park reserve.

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