Buying Coffee Beans Online

Do you buy coffee beans online?

Fresh Roasted Beans - www.sxu.huI live in rural South Australia (about 90 minutes from Adelaide) and so due to the infrequency of my trips up to the ‘big smoke’ I have, for the last three years or so, purchased the vast majority of my coffee beans from online suppliers.  I have, at one time or another, purchased beans from all those listed on the left of this post – under the heading “NEED BEANS?”

On Saturday, I went to the website of my current favourite beans supplier [who, while having beans at the upper end of the price scale, had reasonable postage charges – and the quality was consistently excellent] only to discover that their online shop was closed for renovations, and if I wanted beans to come back Monday.  So I did, and then discovered that they had changed the log in – whereas before you had a username and password, now you needed an email address and password – and the combination that I used – the one that was registered to my username – failed so many times, that I had to create a new user account.  And then, after selecting their Superior product – I went to the checkout to discover that the postage on my order would be $14.65 – and I thought “Hold the Phone” – so digging out a previous order (from last month) I discovered that as of their new shopping system, they had increased the postage charges by 49.4%.  I nearly fell off my chair.  Had I been drinking a latte, I would very nearly have spat it all over the screen – I say very nearly, because their beans are that good – I wouldn’t want to waste them – particularly now I know that the 200g or so that I have left, will be the last I see of them. I thought to myself “there must be a reason for this” so I went to Australia Post – and low and behold – they have instituted a price increase across the board from April 2nd – that had to be the reason, right?  Wrong.  I did the maths, and their price increase is only a paltry 3.79% on packages over 500g going interstate….so what gives?

I am on a fairly tight fixed income and a 49.4% hike on postage, prices these beans out of my market – which really sucks, because I really like  them.  And with prices going up on fuel, it makes the regular trips over the hill less likely – so it returns me to my original question.  Do you buy coffee beans online?  If so, where do you recommend – and are their prices and quality reasonable?


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  1. Thats a big hike Rev. I’m fortunate living in the cbd and thus having choices and can buy anytime. I’ve only bought online once or twice before at that was sometime ago, not sure on current prices though.

    I’ll be interested in reply from Campos Re shipping cost.

    • I want to know what the campos deal is too. If I order a kilo it going to cost me $77!!!! 😦 i don’t think so. DI’BEllA is $34 kilo and free postage over $50. Much more affordable and a good compromise.

  2. Thanks Bobby – Almost immediately “Remedy Coffee” from Perth began tweeting:

    “Buying coffee beans online? We only charge what it costs us to send it via Aust Post and never put a margin on it.”
    “We have a reputation of offering genuine, attractive specials to customers. Check them out”
    ” We reach every address in Australia with prepaid 500g and 3kg Aust Post satchel for $5.95 & $9.95″

    So after Easter I might just check them out. Sorry to miss out on my Campos Superior Blend though…

    • Campos Coffee have replied to my tweet – wondering why the 49% increase in freight costs – and they said

      “Thank you for alerting us of this. We are in the process of making changes and cost of freight will come down after that.”

      Didn’t really answer my question as to why the HUGE increase – but I will keep you posted.

  3. I went back to Campos Coffee – now nearly a month later – to try again – and while they have ‘adjusted’ their postage prices a little bit – from $14.65 back to $12.65 – it is still a 30% price increase on postage – and so I must again, miss out on their awesome ‘Superior Blend’ – Sigh.

  4. Hi Rev. Postage sucks in Australia. When I buy online from overseas for somethings that I cant get here easily, somehow their delivery costs are lower than if I bought something from my neighbour. its amazing and a shame for Australia.

    Thats why I have made the decision a few years ago that the future of online is to not charge a fee for delivery. if you were to buy your coffee beans from me at you wont pay any delivery fee, even for the smallest ot largest order.

    Enjoying your blog – keep it up

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for informing about the hike in the price.Keep it up

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