First Pour – North Adelaide, SA

111 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

This is another one of those reviews that comes at the end of a long period of anticipation.  Having been a subscriber to BeanScene Magazine for a while now, I read with interest the development and opening of First Pour in Melbourne and then Brisbane – and hoped upon hoped – that one would come to Adelaide.  Low and behold, the announcement was made – a location was sought – and an opening date semi announced of the first week in November.  Then it was December – and then because of those damnable ‘unforeseen  circumstances’ that always crop up when developing an older building it opened to raucous acclaim in the third week of March, adding another feather into the coffee cap(ucino) of  North Adelaide’s burgeoning speciality coffee scene.

The redevelopment of their building has been done well – with a clean, crisp interior that incorporates a subtle nod to the building’s past.  A central island, featuring all the coffee wizardry is the store focal point and beneath our feet (or bottoms if you found a seat), is a subterranean cupping room – or so the legend goes.  Greeted upon arrival by polite, friendly staff – the various blends and processes were explained – then you can select, purchase and enjoy.

Was really impressed – and pleased – when it was suggested by Ben, that I go with the latte first so that the ristretto won’t leave it all washed out and disappointing.  

Latte Quality – Excellent – even featuring a nice tulip art work – the foam was excellent, and the flavour profile was extensive – ranging from sweets (strawberries, vanilla and cocoa) to strange (pretty sure I could taste Roasted Eggplant – I know – pretty weird!).

Ristretto Quality – Excellent, although very short – it began for me with Cherry Ripe, became maple syrup in the savouring with a orange acidity to make it linger.

Siphon – this was my alternative method genesis experience – and I liked it.  Using a single origin Rwandan, the coffee was almost like drinking tea – yet still being coffee (if that makes sense).  It was sweet, with flavours of mandarin and blue berries being dominant.

Cost – $3.40 Latte, $3.00 Ristretto, $6.00 Siphon (2 cups)

Coffee Supplier – Veneziano (it is their flag ship) with the present house blend being ‘Bond Street’ – which is a blend of Columbia Chapparal, Brazil Rainha and Ethiopia Tchembe – unique only to First Pours.

Fair Trade – No mention that I could see in store but Veneziano do a Pure Fairtrade Organic.

Customer Service –  –  freaking awesome – I’m going to nominate them for Australian of the Year – I would keep coming back, even if they switched to International Rust and an ern (not really, but you get the drift) – if it weren’t for their calling into the coffee industry, they should be teaching customer service….friendly, knowledgeable – prepared to talk with customer even though busy – for a place that is just over a month old – they know how to do coffee and customer service well!

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – It probably depends on how popular this place gets. While I was in store, they were consistently busy – but it was never excessively noisy and with the quiet electronica music in the background – it made reading quite pleasant.  There is seating available in two rooms and under the verandah on Melbourne Street.

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  1. First Pour Adelaide

    Thank you very much for the kind words! From all of us at Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

  2. Always good to see positive reviews of new cafe’s and i’ll also back up the review by saying on my visit I had a similar experience. Look forward to going back.

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