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Drink Coffee, Live Long(er) and prosper….

There is an article in Melbourne’s “The Age” Newspaper, sharing the wonderfully exciting news that scientists (probably the same ones that can’t seem to agree on the issue of Climate Change) have suggested that if you drink coffee you will live longer, although the article then goes onto say that “The study doesn’t prove coffee makes people live longer, only that the two seem related.”  So I think what they are saying is that you will live longer if you drink coffee, but drinking coffee will not necessarily make you live longer….confused?  Me too – perhaps I need another coffee.

The article goes further by saying that “Even a single cup a day seemed to lower risk [we assume the risk of death in general, not the death star, climate change or being hit by a bus – although that is not clear] a little: 6 per cent in men and 5 per cent in women. The strongest effect was in women who had four or five cups a day – a 16 per cent lower risk of death.” Which then raises the question – if you drank nothing but coffee, 24/7 – would live forever?  Read the article here.

…the blog is mightier than the…

…the blog is mightier than the…

This amuses me – although that could just be reflective of a warped mind, or my exhaustion after a long week – but as of yesterday, my review of Blu C Cafe at Christies Beach had received a total of 14 hits since it was posted in November 2011.  Then, because the mysterious ‘garnis’ decided to take offence at my review while questioning my sexuality, my life, the things I find interesting, the level of detail that is contained in this, what is after all a COFFEE REVIEW BLOG – the same review is nearing 100 hits today…

Contrast the reaction to this honest review, with the gracious way the owners of Pure Espresso responded.

At the end of the day, my experience is – just that – MY EXPERIENCE – it may not be your experience, or someone else’s experience of that same place – they may produce the best coffee 99% of the time, and I may have purchased the 1% – but as Bobby over at Adelaide Coffee says “You’re only as good as your last coffee” and this blog is about my experiences out and about enjoying one of my passions.

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