Coffee Hit – Doncaster, VIC

G217, Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster 3108

As my first review in my new home town, I thought it best to start close to my new ‘patch’ and work outwards as time and opportunity allow. So that then raised the question about where do I go first?  So I did what any reasonable coffee snob would do and consulted the oracle that is “The Beanhunter” and searched for coffee near Doncaster.  After crunching the numbers, twiddling the dials and channelling the algorithms, it told me that Coffee Hit was the best place nearest me (location and highest average score of 7.4 in the area). So, on my first day on-site (two days before I actually started) I arrived an hour early and wandered down (about 2 minutes walk) to Shopping Town to secure a coffee hit.

Coffee Hit is located on the ground floor of the Westfield in a Kiosk type arrangement in the centre of a produce themed area (Fruit, Vegetables, Butcher, Fish Monger etc). When I arrived the place was comfortably busy for early on a Monday morning – with a few ‘coffee’ meetings taking place in the vicinity.  Coffee Hit also roast their own beans, having a ‘little red’ roaster (see left – the red thing) on hand, and sell beans to the public (and online).

So to the all important first coffee review in Melbourne….

Latte Quality – Good –  it was what I would describe as a ‘traditional’ coffee flavoured coffee. The milk was very smooth and creamy, but try and I might I could not taste any subtle flavour nuances. 

Cost – $4.20 latte

Coffee Supplier – Coffee Hit – roasted on site.  The blend used for my coffee was their ‘Ultimate Coffee Hit’ which is a blend “using only the finest Estate coffee from Guatemala, Brazil, India, Columbia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea & Ethiopia.”

Fair Trade – No mention in store or on their website.

Customer Service –  – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it .  It the was the service you expect from a supermarket kiosk – polite, but not warm or engaging.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – You could probably get away with a quiet chat, as there are plenty of tables and ambient noises to keep matters confidential.  I was there on a Monday morning so while the café area was about half full, the noise level (music and shoppers) from the surrounding businesses did make it difficult to hear a voice message on my phone.

Summary: Coffee was good, but there are plenty of other places (even just within the Shopping town) that promise ‘good coffee.’

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  1. Looks like a re-badged Gloria Jeans, except they roast their own!

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